Hawaii is an incredible vacation destination that offers a variety of fun experiences for a broad range of people. One of the most fun of these destinations is Maui Paintball. Ever since they reopened in 2011 (after being closed six years), they have been heralded as an incredible destination for fun, excitement, and raw thrills. Here’s what you can expect if you head to this paintball wonderland.

Paintball Excitement

Obviously, paintball is a big deal at Maui Paintball. They offer the best experience, bar none, of any of their competitors on the islands. A large part of this is due to their skills at creating an engaging and fun playing field. Another is the way that they offer a variety of fun and exciting paintball variations that fans love to play.

So whether you are interested in a private or public event, Maui Paintball has you covered. However, they didn’t make their name on just high-quality paintball. They also provide a multitude of cool activities that you’ve just got to try before you leave Hawaii.

Haunted Hayride

Every year, Maui Paintball hosts their Haunted Hayride. During this event, you can participate either as a zombie or simply enjoy riding through the field. Every participant gets a paintball gun during their ride. They then try to shoot down the rampaging zombies as they try to invade their hay cart.

This event is a unique, fun, and action-packed one. There’s nothing quite like mowing down zombies or rushing your friends and family members while pretending to be a zombie yourself.

Three-Man Tournament

The Maui Paintball three-man tournament is a yearly event that operates as a fundraiser for the local SBK group. Players break up into three-man teams and compete to be the king of the paintball hill. Participating players have the chance to win real prizes and show off their paintball skills.

The best part about this tournament is that players can also join the Maui Paintball membership club and receive discounts on paintball equipment. Conversely, players can also buy full-priced stuff and earn a free membership! Players can receive inexpensive gun packages and other benefits when getting a membership.

Occasionally, they have even hosted the large Industry Tournament that brings together paintball players from across the state. Their last tournament was in 2015, and it used newly revised rules to ensure everyone was on the same page. Events of this nature help bring the industry together and showcase Maui Paintball as an industry leader.

Philanthropy is a Big Deal

For those who are interested in Maui Paintball, but aren’t quite sold on it yet, it is worth understanding the many philanthropic activities this company enjoys. For example, they held a food drive in November that was designed to raise funds and food for the Maui Food Bank. This annual event that saw the community bring in over 500 pounds of food for the community.

In another show of community support, Maui Paintball hosted first State FPV Championships. This state-wide event in which drone racers competed for 10 spots in the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships. The event was one of the most popular in the area and attracted a lot of community attention.

It is the little things like this that make companies stand out from their competitors. Maui Paintball simply goes the extra mile to provide a great experience. They focus not just on providing paintball fun but also helping the community and its residents.

The Reviews Have Been Glowing

The best way to gauge the quality of Maui Paintball is to see what their customers have said. On Trip Advisor, they have 42 reviews. Of those reviews, 38 rated it as an excellent experience! Here are just a few of the reviews posted:

“We recently had a private birthday party for my son, and they had a blast on the speedball field that has multiple inflatable bunkers! Warren explained all the rules very clearly. Warren was very friendly, funny and knowledgeable about his job. You have to experience it!”

“Went for a work outing and it was great! Maui Paintball is a fun activity to for everyone. The playing field looked very well kept as well as the whole facility. The staff was great, good customer service.”

“Such an amazing experience at Maui Paintball! Great field, extremely friendly and helpful staff, and just a fun time! We went as a family on Christmas Eve morning and had a blast. We would definitely go back!”

With such high praise and a history of philanthropy, it is no surprise that Maui Paintball remains one of the most attractive and fruitful businesses in all of Hawaii. It is worth a visit for those who are visiting the islands and who want to have a little competitive fun.

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