Maui is a gorgeous Hawaiian island. It also makes a fantastic destination for anyone interested in recreational activities such as paddle sports. If you’re visiting beautiful Maui, Hawaiian Paddle Sports is a prominent local company that has been helping tourists make the most out of their trips since 2010. The company is well known to specialize tours that are in-depth, educational, and unique for everyone. Travelers who want to learn about authentic Hawaiian community, heritage, history and culture can learn a lot from just one session.

Hawaiian Paddle Sports is a company that emphasizes the value of community, giving back to the people around us on a routine basis. They enjoy guiding eager children and taking them on excursions in the area, routinely participate in paddling activities that promote cancer research and show visitors the extraordinary beauty of hawksbill sea turtles and wildlife overall. If you want to have a Maui travel experience that’s like no other, Hawaiian Paddle Sports makes your wish come true. They can help you experience all of the great things the island has to offer. If you appreciate everything from mysterious reefs to underwater photography, this tour is for you.

Knowledgeable Guides

This small company believes in quality over quantity, with friendly and dedicated staff consisting of 10 seasoned guides. They’re all qualified professionals with international certification; trained bi-annually to keep up with current knowledge of the islands they guide you through. No other business in the state can compete with their level of experience and knowledge. If you want tour guidance from a certified B-corp. business, this is the precise tour you need.

All clients are granted amazing recreational activity opportunities. A favorite among the locals and visitors is the Hawaiian outrigger canoe tours. Don’t worry about that perfect shot, they got you covered with complimentary photographs. If you want access to free images from a talented professional photographer, their Maui tours cover all of the bases and then some.

Specialized for the young and old, the tours are for all fitness abilities. They even often have many different types of pre-existing physical conditions. If you want to participate in a fun and memorable tour that can accommodate everyone, Hawaiian Paddle Sports is the solution. Some of their clients are new in the outdoor activity world. Few might be on multiple trips with the company. They run the gamut.

Hawaiian Paddle Sports stresses the value of convenient family services. They provide fun tours for locals to learn more about their culture and island while having fun in the sun. Tours provide funding through our non-profit services to give back to the aina (the land). The serivce you pay for not only gives you a great experience, but you pay it forward for many more tours to be just as meaningful.

They Care About Hawaii

Hawaiian Paddle Sports is a proud supporter of Malama Nui. Malama Maui Nui is a prominent non-profit group that concentrates on the environment. Once called “Community Work Day Program”, the group maintains the island chain to keep it pristine. If you’re someone who is enthusiastic about the environment, you can understand exactly why Hawaiian Paddle Sports cares about this hard-working group so much. They work hard to keep it a beautiful and welcoming place for all. The impact of staying at a beautiful place like Maui should help all people understand how precious nature is. The Malama Maui Nui campaign focuses on important concepts such as beautification, recycling, litter prevention, waste management and beyond. If you care about those subjects, you care about Malama Maui Nui, too. You can support this cause by having fun with Hawaiian Paddle sports.

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Visit Maui With The New And Improved Tours

Vacations in Hawaii can make wonderful and memorable experiences for explorers. If you want to enjoy a Hawaiian getaway that’s smooth, convenient, thrilling and fascinating, Maui Paradise Tours LLC in Haiku can help you. Maui Paradise Tours is a full-service tour business that has been happily catering visitors to beautiful Maui since it’s launch in 2014. People can get a lot out of turning to Maui Paradise Tours for all of their Hawaiian touring requirements. If you want to bask in the splendor of Hawaii and learn about its past at the same time, Maui Paradise Tours is the best option for you.

Maui Paradise Tours is ideal for smaller groups. Their guides help visitors explore all of the things that make the island of Maui so captivating and intriguing. If you want to gaze at picturesque waterfalls without all the crowds, they make things easy for you. If you want to enjoy a refreshing swim in the hidden streams of the road to Hana, no worries. Maui Paradise Tours make it easy for visitors to take advantage of the plentiful joys of Maui. The expert guides help you explore all different environments and locations on Maui, too. If you want to explore quiet and more intimate locales, you can count on the expert guides here. If you want to tour locations that are better known, you can count on them all the same.

Making All Tours Custom To You

Maui Paradise Tours accommodates the needs of all different travelers, including disabled persons. If you use a wheelchair to get around, you’ll have no problem participating in the in-depth tours. Maui Paradise Tours do whatever it takes to give their participants the chance to have fun. Physical activities during the tours are geared to be suitable for all kinds of people. Skill and physical fitness levels don’t matter. Age groups don’t matter at all, either. They’re here for anyone and everyone. If you don’t feel like traveling much, that’s totally up to you. Maui Paradise Tours is a company all about pure freedom and convenience.

This is a company that treats all of the members of our touring groups like beloved family members. Everyone can feel included. Tour experiences are personalized, warm, attentive and detail-oriented. If you want to relish a Maui tour experience that feels a lot like family, Maui Paradise Tours is the way to go.

Wine And Dine While You Explore

All tours give access to amazing and convenient dining choices. Reap the benefits of vegan cuisine, local and organic dishes, and non-GMO foods while you explore the terrain. If you want to dine like a bona fide Maui local, Maui Paradise Tours is your ticket to the real deal.

Maui Paradise Tours is also great for the amateur sommelier. If you want to go on a wonderful upcountry vineyard tour, you can turn to them. Tour participants get the opportunity to relish wine tasting sessions from tropical unique Maui wines that are pleasant and relaxing.

Get To Know The Beauty Of Maui Inside And Out

Maui Paradise Tours cant make you revel in the Hawaiian getaway of a lifetime. If you want to learn about all of the plants and wildlife that make Maui distinctive, special and compelling, you’ll get a lot out of their comprehensive tours. The tours are especially great for people who are searching for well-rounded and thorough Hawaii and Maui educations with the scenery. People who want to take in the finest natural landscapes around can trust the guides here fully. They know all of the most scenic spots on Maui, and all of the quietest and most soothing ones as well.

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Humpbacks Flying

Adventure Awaits at Hawaii Ocean Rafting

Want more from your Hawaiian vacation than some great beach photos? Consider a trip with Hawaii Ocean Rafting. Their fast and easy to maneuver rafts bring visitors up close and personal with the coastal waters of Maui and Lana’i.  It will reveal guests to details of these islands’ incredible diversity and marine life.

Hawaii Ocean Rafting’s mission for the past 30 years is to provide a deep appreciation for the natural wonders of the land. Founded by a skilled mechanic, Mark Robinson, who fell in love with boats and the beauty of Maui. He and his wife Jeri, share their passion with locals and visitors. Their charter boat company, Hawaii Ocean Rafting, offers whale-watching, snorkeling, and private charters with fairly unlimited options including scuba diving.

Trip Advisor Rating

When to See Whales

Spy Hopping Whale

Humpback season is between December and May. The whales arrive for their version of a Hawaiian vacation, traveling 3,000 miles from the icy Gulf of Alaska to the Hawaiian seas. They find mates and give birth in these warmer waters. A favorite spot is the Au’au Channel between West Maui and Lana’i. The water is shallow by whale standards, about 600 feet. It’s important for baby humpbacks to be born in shallow water to swim to the surface to take their first breath.

Hawaii Ocean Rafting departs from Lahaina Harbor, on the western side of the Island of Maui. They quickly reach prime whale-watching area four times a day during humpback season. Speedy, low-set rafts take passengers beyond the crowded larger boats. Here, you can get personal, eye-level views of the whales, who are unlikely to flee. These majestic animals sometimes approach the raft to investigate. Even swimming under it and poking their noses out of the water, an action called spy-holing. In those magical moments, which occur only a few times in a season, everyone sits tight and watches the whales for as long as they care to stay.


Watch for Whale Antics

Although massive, humpbacks are graceful creatures. Seeing a 40-ton whale leap out of the water is the experience of a lifetime. When breaching, they propel half their body above the waves and flop down, creating a huge splash. Sometimes they twirl in midair or flip to one side, raising a flipper as if waving. Lob-tailing is another humpback activity. They lift their tails, spin around and slap the water; the loud smack may be a warning to other whales competing for the lady humpback they are courting. As you may recall they have one of two focuses while vacationing in Hawaii, 1) mate or 2) give birth.

Hawaii Ocean Rafting offers some of the best opportunities for spotting humpbacks in action. The 30-foot, hard-bottomed rafts hold only 16 people, so everyone has a front row seat. The rafts are faster, more maneuverable, and guided by knowledgeable captains and crew. The crew members are selected for their commitment to giving respect for marine wildlife and ecology, and will be passed on to you.


Go OverboardHumpback Breaching

Vacationers who are eager to get their heads underwater will experience wondrous sights on the snorkeling tour. Offered year-round, these excursions earn top ratings, designed to make sure snorkelers see variety.

Snorkelers on the half-day trip can explore lava caves and swim over shallow coral reefs where brilliantly colored fish dart through the pristine water. Snorkelers report coming face-to-face with Hawaiian green turtles in many locations. The full-day tour goes all the way around the island of Lana’i, home to spectacular lava caves, coral beds, and protected tide pools. Cavorting dolphins are a common sight; a large pod of spinner dolphins lives in the water around Lana’i. Bottle-nose and spotted dolphins are usually sighted on any of the snorkeling trips.

Surrounded by Whales

Create Your Dream Boat Experience

Whichever activity you chose, it’s sure to delight participants, many of whom return multiple times. Moreover, people come away with a deeper connection to the natural beauty of Maui and Lana’i. That’s what everyone at Hawaii Ocean Rafting values most. If you are looking for spectacular deals on this and more adventures, don’t forget your Shaka Gold is ready to help you set up your Hawaiian vacation hassle free!Moreover, people come away with a deeper connection to the natural beauty of Maui and Lana’i. That’s what everyone at Hawaii Ocean Rafting values most. If you are looking for spectacular deals on this and more adventures, don’t forget your Shaka Gold Card. is ready to help you set up your Hawaiian vacation hassle free!


Got Spam? Want a little Poke?

So sometimes spam is a good thing. Certainly when prepared Hawaiian Style! You might just find a preparation that you will add to your repertoire. As for the Poke – pronounced po-kay, not po-kee or poke, there are many dozens of preparations of this local, beloved, raw fish salad. Everyone has a favorite recipe from their childhood.

If you are a foodie, keep reading because an adventure awaits your palette. Since 2004, Hawaii Food Tours has been bringing visitors on a wild and wonderful culinary journey on Oahu. They have two tours to choose from and we recommend you do both to fully round out your Hawaiian cuisine curiosities.

Feeding your curiosity (pun intended!) is the brainchild of Chef Matthew Gray who arrived on the emerging Honolulu food scene in the early 1990’s. After immense success on the mainland as a restaurant Chef, and then Private Chef to Hollywood celebrities, he became Food Writer and Restaurant Reviewer for Hawaii’s largest daily newspaper, the Honolulu Advertiser.

Hawaii Food Tours was a logical extension. As Chef Matthew says, “The best way to experience Hawaii is to taste it!”

hawaiian-bbq-chicken-wrapsCalling all Food Network Fans

After your first contact with Chef Matthew, he will set you up with two of his expert food guides. These passionate foodies know more than just the ingredients in a recipe. They share the history of many of the food traditions in Hawaii. You will have one female and one male guide. Hand-picked by Chef Matthew, your guides are the day-to-day heart and soul of Hawaii Food Tours.

This is a fabulous and delicious adventure and the reviews for these specialized tours are stellar. Trip Advisor has bestowed the Certificate of Excellence for the past six years in a row.

MSNBC Network called Hawaii Food Tours “one of the best food experiences in the world!” We agree. If you love food and see it as more than just nourishment, you will want to take these tours. 

The bottom line: If you want to learn about the culture, history of the people, and the island way of life, these tours are for you. The heart of Aloha is in every bite. This company brings those foods, local knowledge, and plenty of Aloha to the table.

574Top Notch Fun – Two Terrific Destinations.

The two tours offered by Hawaii Food Tours are very special. The Hole-in-the-Wall Tour includes stops at “local grind” style eateries and more exotic locations. You’ll also visit two famous Honolulu bakeries. You will hang out in Honolulu’s infamous Chinatown. You will wind up traveling all over Honolulu. And, you will discover there is definitely more to experience in Honolulu beyond crowded Waikiki!

And speaking of beyond Waikiki, it’s well worth it to take in the “country” side of Oahu known as the North Shore. The North Shore Food Tour is an all-day tour and covers scenic wonders, along with amazing and genuine Hawaiian food. They have some secret desserts to share, too. Desserts so good, you will want to move to Oahu just to taste them again.

They also know the best of the roadside grinds. And they even make time for some photo opportunities of this beautiful side of Oahu and some time to do a little shopping and tasting at a historic coffee and chocolate plantation! Yummy chocolate awaits!

Book and save your place now

Whether you choose to cruise around Honolulu’s back streets – or head out to the countryside, there’s always some good foodie fun to be had around the table during the tour. But there are limited seats, so book early. Get more details for a tour with Hawaii Food Tours right here.

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The Island of Oahu is home to our state capital, Honolulu, and has many famous attractions for visitors from around the world.

Of course, there is the vibrant nightlife and “shop til’ you drop” experience of Waikiki, but for many visitors seeing the natural geology is equally appealing. Lucky for you, if you like to hike and explore the natural environments, just head for Diamond Head State Monument. You can hike into a crater! And it’s only a fifteen-minute drive from Waikiki.

Diamond Head is the youngest of a series of cones and vents on the island; that is why it’s so striking. According to the Hawaii State Park’s information brochure the crater, called Lë‘ahi, is believed to have been formed about 300,000 years ago during a single, brief eruption. The wide crater covers 350 acres with its width being greater than its height.

Why is Diamond Head called “Diamond Head”?

This unique formation, known to geologists as a tuff, is just one of the fascinations for visitors to this historic site. This 760-foot tuff crater is one of Hawaii’s most famous landmarks. The crater was named, in the 19th century by British sailors who thought the shining crystals they discovered on the slopes of Diamond Head were diamonds rather they were shiny calcite crystals, which have no value.

spcresource57855p1nulldh1Hiking options for all levels of enjoyment.

The complete loop will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. However, there are great views all along the trail, so a shorter loop is just as worthwhile to consider. The full hike, from the trailhead to the summit of Diamond Head Crater, is 0.8 mile (1.3 km) one way and you will climb 560 feet (171 m) from the crater floor.

The well-traveled trail involves some uneven and steep terrain, so proper footwear and caution are advised. Some portions of the trail involve steep stairways – take your time. One part of the trail goes through a 225-foot long tunnel! It’s narrow, but it’s lighted.

There are only 78 parking spaces in the Diamond Head Crater, to avoid the busy morning period and parking delays, you may want to consider hiking during the slower times from noon to 4 pm.

The State of Hawaii in partnership with Pacific Historic Parks now offers a Diamond Head Narrated Tour for just $3.00. This highly recommended tour will explain the history, geography, culture, plant & animal life and scenery of the Diamond Head State Monument to each hiker. This new Narrated Tour is available for rent at the Diamond Head Visitor Center in English and Japanese.

More than just geologic history.

For history buffs, this hike will include observing many historical buildings and outposts. This was an important World War II look-out. In fact, the US Military made it the site of the first military reservation in Hawaii. The National Guard facility and Hawaii State Civil Defense remain active on Diamond Head today.

All along your hike, you will find remnants and preserved areas that were integral to military defense. Near the top of the trail, you will travel through a lighted spiral staircase that originally accessed the four levels of the Fire Control Station. Go up the 52 stairs to the third level where the original mounts for the observation equipment are still present.

img_5109A few tips to make this a perfect adventure

This is a popular destination, so getting an early start is highly recommended.

The weather on this trail can be quite hot! Bring a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water.

Gates open at 6 am daily. The last entrance to hike the trail is at 4:30 pm. The gates are locked at 6:00 pm daily and all visitors must be out of the park by this time.

Only certified service animals are allowed in the park.

There are only 78 parking spaces in the Diamond Head Crater, to avoid the busy morning period and parking delays, you may want to consider hiking during the slower periods from noon to 4 pm.

The new Diamond Head Visitor Center is open daily from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm and is the only store in Hawaii that offers the official State of Hawaii Diamond Head logo merchandise. Its also one of the few stores in Hawaii that you will enjoy tax-free shopping. Proceeds for the Visitor Center helps support the preservation and educational programs at this Park.
Diamond Head is the third largest attraction on Oahu, with over 900,000 hikers each year. To view a 4-minute documentary video on the hike to the Diamond Head summit, visit

And, like every other square inch of Hawaii, as you enjoy the abundance of beauty and the fragile environment on this ancient volcanic crater, please pack out more than you pack-in. Litter affects everyone’s enjoyment.

This is truly fun for the whole family or just a solo traveler looking for that special get away. We hope you have the opportunity to experience this Historic Hawaiian Landmark. To learn more, download the official brochure.

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It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in – your in. There’s no getting out.

That well-circulated quote from Hawaii’s eleven-time champion surfer, Kelly Slater, sums it up for many professionals and non-professionals when it comes to riding a wave.

If you have wondered why surfing is such a popular worldwide sport and enjoyed by men and women of all ages, why not experience the joy of surfing in its birthplace of Hawaii? You’re sure to catch a wave with Island Style Adventure Surf School.  And among the many reasons to choose this 16-year old company is location.

Located at beautiful Kaanapali Beach on Maui, if you have others traveling with you who are feeling less adventurous, there are many ways for them to stay entertained including world class shopping at Whalers Village.

island-style-surf-school-1Expert (passionate) instructors make it easy.

The instructors at Island Style Adventure Surf School takes their jobs seriously. In fact, the school has gained the title of one of the best surf schools on Maui. One of the reasons for their high ratings is what they call the “3:1 student:instructor” rule. This specialized attention means you will have the support and attention you need. And that means you will have a quicker grasp of the sport and be enjoying riding waves sooner, too!

Getting you standing up and riding a wave is almost as thrilling for the instructors as it is for you!

island-style-surf-schoolAll Ages and Levels Are Welcome!

You have plenty of ways to get yourself or your entire family involved.

  • Group lessons give you an instructor for every three students.
  • Semi-Private lessons provide one instructor for every two students. These Semi-Private classes are perfect for couples or small families who want to enjoy surfing together and make the experience their own. Semi-Private is also recommended for children from ages 6-12 years old.
  • Private classes offer a one-to-one experience for anyone who requires extra assistance from an instructor. Particularly good for small children who will be able to work with a teacher to stand and surf the waves like a pro. Keep your camera handy!
  • Paddleboarding – the newest sensation! They have lessons for that too, with the same ratio’s in paddle boarding as a group surf lessons. You’ll learn to read the water and fine tune your core balancing skills and coordination while cruising the water.

More Reasons to choose Island Style Adventures!

“My two-hour private surf lesson was awesome! Everyone was very enthusiastic and friendly. Island Style provided all the equipment we needed, and they stored our belongings during our lesson, and even offered to keep my rings locked up behind the counter so I wouldn’t lose them. After getting our gear on, they took some fun photos on the beach to remember the occasion”  -Yelp Review, Glen J., January 2016. 

Don’t leave Maui without a picture of you riding a wave. Those are braggin’ rights everyone will want to share. You could go viral in your social circles.

And don’t risk learning this fun sport with anyone but the crew at Island Style Adventure Surf School. It’s always safety first with instructors that are Water Safety, First Aid, and CPR certified!

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Sunshine Helicopters Hawaii

It’s one thing to look across Maui from Haleakala; it’s another thing altogether to look at Maui’s hidden treasures from a helicopter. Especially when the tour is guided by the professionals at Sunshine Helicopters.

With over 90% of our state only visible from a helicopter, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s definitely on most people’s bucket list when they come to our islands.

Fortunately, Sunshine Helicopters offers helicopter tours and sightseeing tours of Maui, Molokai, Hawaii Big Island, Kauai, and Oahu!

A Quick History

Owners Ross and Anna Scott came to Maui somewhat on a whim. It had always been a dream of theirs to live in this tropical paradise. After purchasing their first two helicopters in 1985, they have been flourishing ever since. “We came here on vacation many times. And even though we live here now, we’re still on vacation,” says Ross.

They still see the islands from the point of view of a visitor and with 30 years of experience, they continue to be the best way for visitors or locals to experience all the gorgeous landscapes around Hawaii.


Sunshine Helicopters has three tours to choose from on the island of Maui. Not too sure you want to drive the “Road to Hana”? Then, take the Hana/ Haleakala Special Tour and enjoy the flying over untouched and uncharted territory with ease. On the way to Hana, you will also see the full expanse of Haleakala National Park, including the view of the crater itself. Bonus: you save that long drive up to the summit.

You certainly won’t want to miss the bird’s eye view of the Hana rainforest. Following Maui’s northern coast, this 180-square mile area is largest tropical rainforest in our nation. Famous Old Hana Town is also part of your tour, along with the taro fields of Ke’anae, and the fabulous coastline waterfalls. If it’s whale season, that’s icing on the cake! Seeing whales from above is truly magnificent!

Other tours leaving Maui’s heliport are just as exciting. The Molokai Deluxe Tour will show off the Jurassic Park scenery and the tallest sea cliffs in the world.  The Circle Island Deluxe Tour is the full tour of the Island of Maui, and many considered it to be the best of the best. It’s how to experience all that Maui has to offer while soaring in total luxury. Each tour is about an hour long, but the memories will last a lifetime!

big-island-helicopter-tour-with-sunshine-helicopters-5Big Island

If you are visiting the Big Island, the Big Island Volcano Deluxe should be on your list. At the time of this writing, there are extremely active flows from the Big Island’s active volcano, Kilauea. Get daily reports from the Hawaii Volcano Observatory‘s Website. To see this raw red hot lava meandering to the sea is as though you are viewing an alien planet. This once in a lifetime opportunity takes you through the unique Kohala Mountains and the tropical Hamakua Forest. Sunshine Helicopters will take you through the 11 out of 13 different climates the Big Island has to offer.

This once in a lifetime opportunity also takes you through the unique Kohala Mountains and the tropical Hamakua Forest. Sunshine Helicopters will take you through the 11 out of 13 different climates the Big Island has to offer.

Whatever Island you are visiting, a day trip to the Big Island to the take a Sunshine Helicopter Tour of the lava flow might be worth considering. The heavy lava flow activity at this time is amazing.

You can even arrange them to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. Just be sure that the weather is cooperating! Great weather on one island might not mean great weather on the Big Island.


Ahh…The lovely Garden Isle! This is the “rainy” island where “kilihune” – the fine light rains – keep the island green and luscious. Tour from coast-to-coast with Sunshine Helicopters’ two spectacular tours. The Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour and the Princeville Adventure Tour. Each includes sights across the island of Kauai you will never experience by car or even hiking.

The Ulitmate Kauai Adventure Tour lives up to its name. Soar over the “Grand Canyon of the South Pacific,” the Waimea Canyon. See the rugged and gorgeous Na Pali coastline. And the view of the weathered lush green tropical Mount Waialeale – one of the wettest spots on Earth.

Whichever island you are visiting, including Oahu where there are several tours to choose from, be sure to book before you arrive. Sunshine Helicopter Tours, with its state-of-the-art luxury and exceptional amenities for all passengers. That, plus their deep history on the island, means they book up fast.

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Are You Ready to be Amazed?

Welcome to Warren & Annabelle’s Magic in Lahaina. Magic?! On Maui?!

Yes! Warren & Annabelle’s is guaranteed to be one of your most fun nights of your Hawaiian vacation. No kidding!

You will experience a first-class, beautiful venue with highly professional and incredibly talented close-up and comedy magicians. There are five leading industry entertainers who rotate frequently throughout the year to perform at Warren & Annabelle’s Magic!

These guys are top-notch – from performing at the Presidential Inaugural Ball to national award-winners and now also a Broadway star debuting this December in The Illusionist – Turn of the Century in New York.

parlor_shot_smAn evening at Warren & Annabelle’s will leave you wondering two things: “How did they do that?” and
“Why does my rib cage ache this morning?” Be prepared for side-splitting laughter one minute and being totally dumbfounded the next.

Warren & Annabelle’s Magic! offers outstanding entertainment that has earned them the rare Trip Advisor LogoCertificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor.

“This combination magic and comedy show is amazing! The magic tricks are incredible and the comedy is gut-busting laugh-so-hard you hurt! What a treat! Well worth the cost of admission, and easily one of the best things to do if its cloudy, rainy or you just need a day out of the sun. Fabulous!”
-MiKeeney, Trip Advisor, September 2016.

The doors opened on this intimate 78-seat theater and have been wowing crowds with “close-up” magic since 1999. With thousands of sold out performances, everyone over 21 (Maui County Liquor Law Regulations) will love this magical night.

Magical Food, too!

The evening starts with you “finding the secret chamber” to Annabelle’s Parlor. Fabulous Food Picture(Annabelle is the resident ghost, but don’t worry, she’s too busy playing the piano to pay any attention to you.)

Next, you become the magician as you make your delicious food and drinks disappear. You have a choice in tickets and can purchase the totally yummy food and drinks “a la carte” or purchase the “Royal Flush” ticket with enough food to make it your dinner (and it’s discounted!). You will feel like royalty with your choice of two beverages – world class cocktails – and a huge platter of gourmet styled “pupus” (appetizers). And save room for the decadent home-made desserts. You can also purchase additional beverages to be served in the theater.

Four Hours of Great Evening Entertainment on Maui

All in all, this is just a great night out for a couple or a group. Groups over ten need to contact them directly for special arrangements as seating is limited and the seats are full at nearly every show.

With only 12 shows per week, this is one evening you will want to plan well in advance. And don’t be surprised if you become one of the “regulars”. Part of why they stay booked up is because many people will return year after year, booking months in advance.

Booking for Warrens & Annabelle’s Magic! is easy. Grab your tickets at Hawaii Fun.

And while you are there, be sure to sign up for their Shaka Gold Card Rewards for extra savings! It’s Magic of its own! Use the Shaka Gold Card and get up to 50% savings for up to four people on a wide variety of activities throughout all of Hawaii!


The best way to hike the trails on Maui is to book with Hike Maui! Whatever your level of hiking experience, you will have the experience of a lifetime with this 30-year-old company.

Hike Maui has received the coveted Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in 2013 and again in 2015. With over 100 reviews, this quality company has earned a 5-star review on Yelp, too. Nothing compares if you are ready to pull on your hiking boots and get on the best trails with the most experienced guides on Maui. Are you ready to reserve a spot?

Want to see a remote and off-the-beaten-track breathtaking waterfall? Are you ready to experience the rarified air on the top of Maui’s dormant volcano, Haleakala? It’s amazing views at 10,023 ft. will literally take your breath away. (It’s that last 23 ft. that will wear you out!)

More Than Just a Trail Blazer

Hike Maui combines hikes with other terrific outdoor fun, like snorkeling and kayaking.

“I think this is a must-do on any trip to Maui…The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable. The company preps you with all the gear. [The owner] really loves what he does and cares about everyone enjoying the beauty of Maui.”
J S. on Trip Advisor, April 2016

Hike Maui “walks the walk” (couldn’t resist!) and they tell a good story along the way.

“The hike and waterfalls were beautiful and Glori is an exceptionally knowledgeable guide; the information about Hawaiian history, culture, and environment added greatly to the entire Maui trip. I strongly recommend that you make this hike your first activity on Maui.”
Dan B. on Trip Advisor, May 2016


Want to jump off a waterfall?

Of course, you can just go on a short hike, like their very popular “Short Waterfalls Hike”. It’s a multi-generational hike and great for the entire family. Bring your bathing suit if you want to take a swim and your courage if you want to do a cannonball into a deep pool of azure blue water.

But Hike Maui offers so much more. Seven totally unique tours are available.

How about a kayak tour along the coast followed by a short drive where you will hike into a pristine rainforest. Want to stare at some fish? They offer snorkeling combined with hiking. Who could ask for anything more? Maybe you are considering a zip line adventure? Hike Maui combines several activities to give you a well-rounded day or half day of adventure. They know you are busy, so they make booking all these activities easy.

Each hike is rated so you can pick between easy to moderate. But whatever you choose, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable, safe and have serious FUN!


Be Transported Into Another World

Most of the hikes give you the option of being picked up at your hotel or meeting them at one of their easy to find Hike Maui meeting spots around the island. From that point, they do all the driving and let you take in the views along the way. No need to navigate all the back roads and the Hawaiian street signs.

Make no mistake: this is no ordinary tour. From the moment your tour begins, you will start on a truly magical Maui experience. Your guide will do everything to bring the true spirit of this beautiful island to life for you.

The guides at Hike Maui are deeply committed to sharing Aloha every step of the way. They will entertain you, enlighten you, and bring you into the rich culture and history that is the secret ingredient of Hike Maui’s popularity. They may even forage for some exotic fruits along the way. Got guava?

On a practical note: they feed you real meals and keep you hydrated, too! We highly recommend that you book an adventure with Hike Maui. Get started here.

Of course, we assume you have the Shaka Gold Card already? If not, get the deals you deserve with this terrific group membership rewards program. You get instant savings and it could mean saving hundreds during your visit.


There is something for everyone at Maui Animal Farm! If you have keiki (kids) you must put this fun activity at the top of your list.

Unique to this farm is a petting zoo filled with some rare breeds and unusual experiences for all ages. Get a selfie with Hau’oli our KuneKune miniature pig. Hau’oli (means Happy in Hawaiian!) lives up to his name and smiles when you rub his little belly! The joy he brings is worth the very affordable cost of admission.

Does that chicken have feathers on its feet?

The Petting Zoo tour takes you through seven very different animal groups. It starts with everyone’s favorite: the miniature horses and the too-cool-for-words miniature donkey.

As the 90-minute tour continues, you will see a variety of four-footed critters, but also some very interesting breeds of two-footed fowl. If you’re lucky, there might even be baby ducklings. And, everyone loves to pet Tonka, our hundred pound Desert Tortoise.

There are smiling faces, giggles, and laughter everywhere on the tour. However, there are some educational experiences too, as your “talk story” guide shares the fascinating stories about our animal family.

BEST animal farm visit EVER!  The 1.5-hour tour was the most entertaining and fun experience, and it came with such a beautiful view!” – Tracy L. on Yelp, January 2016

Vacation Rental at the Farm, too!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!” – Dee L. on Yelp, August 2015

If you are ready for a serious getaway, you will want to stay at the Ranch House. This fully licensed vacation rental is tucked away on the six-acre estate. This three-bedroom home with 360-degree unobstructed views gives you front row seats to enjoy the calming deep blue Pacific Ocean and views of the neighboring islands. These are legendary views and sunsets that you will never want to leave behind.

This beautifully appointed vacation rental offers seclusion, luxury, an infinity pool, a spacious lanai, and yet, it’s just 15 minutes from great shopping and dining in Old Lahaina Town.

For many, this is the best of both worlds as you are just a few minutes away from one of Maui’s best beach parks, Launiupoko. Its offers a natural wading pool for keikis, picnic tables, and many other amenities.

So whether you are just visiting the petting zoo or want to vacation in the comfort of their rental in paradise, this location and terrific people at The Lahaina Animal Farm, will make your vacation unforgettable.

Book your adventure at Lahaina Animal Farm! And be sure to sign up for the Shaka Gold Card and save hundreds on your next purchase on Hawaii Fun!

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