Hawaii Oceanic

Hawaii is the perfect place for a vacation filled with water sports and activities. Explore the beautiful waters surrounding Kona with a tour from Hawaii Oceanic to learn more about the island ecosystem and its many inhabitants. The company offers a variety of tours to suit everyone’s needs from family friendly day time snorkeling to private half day customized tours.

The Hawaii Oceanic Family

A family owned and operated company, Hawaii Oceanic invites guests to be a part of their ohana (Hawaiian for family) while enjoying the tours. The tours are led by one of the company’s 4 captains, Jason, Dusty, Alicia, and Ronen. They all bring their own talents to the tours: Jason is CPR certified, Dusty (also known as Mr. Aloha) is a native of the Big Island, Alicia can free dive up to 123 feet, and Ronen is a certified dive instructor.

Each captain is assisted by a crew member to ensure the comfort and safety of guests for the duration of the tour experience.

The captains operate two vessels. The Pueo Kai is a 30 foot catamaran, and the Pueo Kai 2 is a 27 foot power boat.

The Kona Tour

Explore the incredible biodiversity of the Kealakekua Bay where visitors can find some of the best snorkeling that Hawaii has to offer. While underwater, guests may see vast schools of colorful tropical fish and beautiful coral on the ocean floor. In addition to its natural beauty, Kealakekua Bay is the burial ground for the Hawaiian royals, and was the landing place for Captain James Cook in 1779.

All snorkeling gear is provided. Because this is the most popular tour offered by Hawaii Oceanic, the company runs 2 tours each day at 6:45 AM and 10:45 AM.

The Dolphin Tour

The area around Kealakekua Bay is also known for its abundance of Hawaiian Spinner dolphins. These dolphins come to the area for shelter, protection for their babies, and to feed on the abundant fish. Guests arrive by 6:50 so that they can swim with the dolphins before the other tour groups arrive. The dolphins are about 5 feet long and very playful!

Snorkel, safety gear, drinks, and snacks are included. The crew will also include a photo of guests swimming with the dolphins at no additional charge.

The Humpback Whale Tour

For visitors arriving in Kona from December to April, the Humpback Whale tour is an excellent way to see these massive and majestic creatures. The 2 hour tour leaves the marina at 1 PM each afternoon and cruises the Kona coast in search of the whales. Humpback whales journey to this part of Hawaii each winter to give birth in the warmer waters. Although guests are not guaranteed to see whales on the tours, the captains know the places where the humpback whales are most likely to be. Guests may also spot tropical fish and dolphins along the way.

Snacks and drinks are provided on the tour. Note that this tour does not include any time in the water.

The Manta Ray Tour

Have a nighttime adventure on this unique snorkeling tour. Guests get up close to the gentle, graceful manta rays during the 2 hour tour. All tours are led by a swim guide. They help guests interact with the manta rays to sure the safety and comfort of both. The manta rays are attracted to the light board that is placed in the water, and guests provide food to encourage the rays to come closer.

In addition to swimming with the manta rays, guests will learn about the animals during the pre-swim eco talk.

Tours depart at 4:30 PM. A second tour at 8 PM is added during peak times.

Private Charters

Visitors who would prefer more flexibility over their tour can book a private charter. These tours can follow one of the typical tour paths or guests can work with the staff to create their own experiences. Even combine several tours for one great package deal!

All private charters come with snorkel gear, and unlimited snacks and drinks. The staff will provide photos of the excursion at no additional charge.

Typically, private tours are held for a maximum of 6 people, but you can schedule up to 18 in advance.

Book today!

Since Hawaii Oceanic focuses on small group tours and private charters, tours fill up quickly. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience while in Hawaii, and book a tour as soon as possible. Visit Hawaii Oceanic’s website or call 808-32MANTA for more information. Don’t forget to click on the yellow ticket and get Shaka Gold Card savings for more fun on the islands!


Kualoa Ranch

Looking for a unique way to experience and explore the beautiful environs of the island of Oahu? Kualoa Ranch offers tours and activities that will fit your bill. Kualoa is firstly a working cattle ranch and home to over 500 head of cattle. However, there is a special location for tourists and locals alike to experience its many attractions. The grounds stretch from white sand beaches to broad valleys to verdant rainforests. Many locations are accessible only by hiking, on horseback, or on an all-terrain vehicle.


The grand mountains and breathtaking valleys inspired the name of Kualoa, which in Hawaiian means “long back”. Ancient Hawaiians considered Kualoa one of the most sacred places on Oahu. Moreover, Hawaiian nobility learned about historical social traditions and warfare. Most importantly, kings used it as a natural retreat.

King Kamehameha III initially sold land at Kualoa to Dr. Gerritt P. Judd, a missionary doctor who also served as an advisor to the king. Judd’s son purchased additional acreage and now the size of the entire property stands at an impressive 4,000 acres. The owners and stewards of the land are the Morgans.

Tours and Activities

If you visit Kualoa, you will find:

  • Movie site, jungle, and ranch tours – Get a taste of Hollywood in Hawaii! Kualoa has hosted such films as “Jurassic World,” “Godzilla,” “Hawaii Five-O,” and “Lost”. Other tours offer a beautiful ride through the rainforests on jungle trails.
  • Secret beach, ancient fishpond, and tropical garden tours – Learn about early Hawaiian aquaculture practices in the 153-acre pond that has been carbon dated at 800 to 1000 years old. Explore the fruit and flower gardens where you can taste some delicious tropical fruits depending on season. You can also spend quality time frolicking and relaxing on a pristine private beach.
  • Horseback, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and treetop canopy zip line tour tours – For the slightly more adventurous, hop on a horse or ATV to explore the ranch. Experience the best zip line in Hawaii, as voted by the Honolulu Star Advertiser, and “fly” through the trees while getting some amazing stories to share with friends.
  • Catamaran ocean tour – Enjoy a peaceful ocean tour where you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of whales and sea turtles.

Stewardship and Sustainability

Many guests have commented on how friendly, fun, and knowledgeable the tour guides at Kualoa are. Employees are educated experts in Hawaiian culture and embody the mission to honor and perpetuate an understanding of the cultural legacy of the island. Employees also share with guests malama’ āina, caring for and preserving the native environment. Conservation and restoration are ongoing initiatives for Kualoa Ranch.

Kualoa also partners with and supports the local community. It makes an effort to purchase local products and services. Also offered are team building and experiential learning opportunities for local schools. 12,000 students participate in its company subsidized programs. Focusing on stewardship, sustainability, and service, Kualoa takes pride in offering fun and meaningful experiences for visitors.

Make Memories

Located in a such a breathtaking area, Kualoa is available for special events and weddings. Unique packages are available for birthday parties and corporate team building events. For those looking to plan an unforgettable wedding, Kualoa grown “farm to table” menu options are available: fresh fish and oysters, 100% grass-fed beef, and garden-grown vegetables and fruits.

One satisfied guest commented, “You won’t be disappointed in making memories here”. Another guest proclaimed that the time they spent at Kualoa made the list for one of the “best days in my life”.

It’s not hard to see how special Kualoa is. Kualoa offers unique, magical, and memorable experiences; from its ancient history, culture, and land. If you’d like to book a ticket at Kualoa Ranch, don’t forget to check out the Shaka Gold Card on Hawaii Fun. They can give you discounts on this activity and many more. Save hundreds for even more fun!


Snorkeling is an adventure sport that just about anyone can enjoy. The people at Maui Snorkeling adventure want to help new snorkelers fall in love with the underwater world. Experienced snorkelers will find the pampering, quality gear and amazing places to explore set Maui Snorkeling Adventures apart from the rest.

The Vessel

Start out with a beautiful catamaran, the Lani Kai, which translates to Heavenly Sea. With seating up to 59 people with comfort and luxury in mind, this vessel will transport her guests to truly pristine seas. If the waves are rough, the Lani Kai is made to sail over the tops, providing snorkelers with a smooth ride. Guest will be delighted with the amenities which include:

  • Sunning trampoline
  • Showers
  • Two heads
  • Custom steps leading into the water
  • Free Mai Tai’s, soda and beer
  • Buffet lunch

Morning Snorkel Adventures

Mornings start early at Maui Snorkeling Adventures. Guest board the ship at 6:30 and return at 12. This provides plenty of time to enjoy Molokini, the first stop. Enjoy a continental breakfast on the way to this ancient volcanic crater. This marine preserve has stunning water visibility – up to 150-ft. The volcanic crater provides a perfect place for the coral reef and abundant marine life that thrive here. Guests who have never snorkeled or want a refresher lesson can get it before heading into the water. Even people who can’t swim can enjoy the experience. Flotation devices are provided to those who want them.

The next stop will be at Turtle Town, famous for the green turtles that thrive here. A quick ride will take visitors to this destination where snorkelers can swim with these majestic creatures. There are also plenty of other sea creatures to see, including moray eels and sometimes whales! November through April huge Humpback whales can be spotted by visitors. This certainly kicks up the excitement.

Afternoon Trips

For those who prefer to sleep late, an afternoon snorkel adventure is perfect. Maui Snorkel Adventure takes guests to Coral Gardens, a natural reef that is teeming with marine life. See green turtles feeding here as well as octopus, eels, and crabs. The coral formations are breathtaking in these sheltered waters. Colorful fish add flashes of bright yellows and vivid blues to the backdrop. Guests get hungry from all of the exercise and excitement. A buffet lunch is provided to fill those empty spots. This 3-hour excursion is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.


A fairly new sport has taken the snorkeling and diving world by storm. SNUBA is combined from ‘snorkel’ and ‘scuba’. The two popular sports are combined. Swim fins, a dive regulator, and a dive mask are used. Like snorkeling, SNUBA allows guests to breathe via hoses attached to an air-supply up top. This way, guests can enjoy the snorkeling they love, while exploring deeper under the surface. No dive experience is necessary to enjoy this sport.

Maui Snorkel Adventures offers SNUBA on their morning and afternoon trips. A short lesson is provided. Your dedicated crew load the air tanks onto a special raft which provides snuba 30-minutes of underwater adventure time. All of the equipment is provided, and professionals are underwater with guests – only a hand gesture away. This adventure is thrilling for guests ages 8 and up.

Private Charters

People can book the Lani Kai for special events and occasions. This is the perfect place to ‘pop the question’ to that special lady. Take a sunset cruise with friends, a birthday bash or get married and then do some snorkeling. Food, drinks and even entertainment can be provided by Maui Snorkel Adventures. Prices will vary depending on the length of the cruise, entertainment, and food and drinks served. What better way is there to start a life together or celebrate a 50th anniversary than on the Lani Kai?

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Snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world visit the Hawaiian islands every year. Water visibility, aquatic life, and history combine with warm weather and stunning scenery to make this a much-dreamed-about vacation destination. Come and explore the best of Hawaiian snorkeling with Fair Wind Cruises.

The Vessels

Step aboard the Fair Wind II for a family snorkeling adventure for all ages. Two sets of stairs make it easy for guests to enter and exit the water. There are also two 15-ft water slides and a high jump platform for thrill-seekers. Sure, people can jump or splash into the water but the snorkeling is the real draw here. Custom view boxes, inner tubes and boogie boards with windows allow everyone, even those with no experience, to soak in the sights of the underwater world. This vessel will take guests to Kealakekua Bay, where they can see the Captain Cook monument and the marine sanctuary.

Experienced snorkelers and children over 7 can explore from the Hula Kai, a 55-ft catamaran with all of the luxuries and comfort vacationers could ever want. This ship will take passengers along the South Kona coast for over-the-top snorkeling adventures.

Snorkeling Packages

Fair Wind Cruises offers guests morning, evening and even night snorkeling. Snorkel and barbecue cruises are popular. Guests are wild about the nighttime manta ray snorkeling.

Morning Kealakekau Snorkel and BBQ Cruise is perfect for early risers. This 4 1/2 hour cruise starts at 9 and ends at 1:30. During this time guests will see where King Kamehameha was born and where Captain Cook met his death. Snorkel gear and instructions are provided. Flotation devices are provided, too. A tropical breakfast of items like eggs frittata and fresh island fruit are served with Kona coffee. Snorkel for 2 1/2 hours and then enjoy a BBQ lunch of hamburgers, hotdogs, fresh island fruit, and drinks.

Afternoon Kealakekua Snorkel is a 3.5-hour version of the morning snorkel, without the food. Snacks are provided as well as the snorkel equipment and flotation devices. This cruise has a no-host bar for guests to enjoy. See Kuamo’s Battlefield and other historical sites as the vessel heads to Kealakekua Bay. This cruise starts at 2 and runs until 5:30. Kids 3 and under are free!

Deluxe Kona Coast aboard the Hula Kai is for the more experienced snorkelers and ocean lovers. The 5-hour cruise starts at 9:30. Guests will enjoy a tropical breakfast buffet, BBQ lunch, snorkel gear and instructions, stand-up paddle boards, and two unique snorkel destinations. See plenty of historical sites like the Royal Holua Slide. View the abundance of marine life that fills the waters of Pali Kaholo or Red Hill. Dine on a barbecue lunch of Hawaiian raised Angus burgers, teriyaki chicken, veggie burgers, pasta salad and tossed salad. Guests can purchase additional add-ons like sea rockets, SNUBA and a no-host bar.

The Evening Manta Snorkel Adventure is truly awe-inspiring. This 1.5-hour cruise leaves at sunset. A wetsuit, snorkel gear and instruction, hot drinks and warm soup and rolls are provided. Guests ages 7 and up will experience the gentle, harmless Manta rays of Manta Village. Professional guides will help guests into the waters to watch the Manta’s feed on plankton. The Travel Channel lists this as a top 10 ‘must do’ activity.


Fair Wind Cruises started out quite accidentally. The first trimaran was built in 1969 by Michael Dant. He and his wife Janet planned to sail from California to Hawaii. After encountering some damage, the couple stayed in Kona for repairs and fell in love with the place. They relocated there and started Fair Wind Cruises, which were very popular. In 1983, the couple’s son, Puhi, and his wife purchased Fair Wind Cruises. Many changes have come through the years.

New vessels, upgrades, barbecue lunches and more have kept visitors coming back year after year. Bimini tops have replaced the sails and masts. A sport fishing boat, the Capt Jack, has joined the fleet. Luxuries like restrooms, a commercial grill, and individual seating draw guests to Fair Wind II. Exciting cruises like the nighttime Manta snorkel make Fair Wind II a great company to get a feel of real Hawaiian snorkeling with professionals who love the islands and the ocean surrounding them.

Get the Best out of Your Snorkeling

  • Use sunscreen often
  • Be aware of wave conditions
  • Do not feed the fish
  • Pull long hair into braids
  • Don’t touch the coral
  • Use a flotation device if necessary
  • Relax and enjoy the experience

Fair Winds Snorkeling looks forward to welcoming you and your family on your next visit to Hawaii.

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What is an Aulii Luau

Many people who visit Kauai feel themselves being tugged by the questioning tide of cultural immersion. There is something to be said for letting yourself be fully engaged in experiences that are at the very heartbeat of the region. Aulii Luau offers attendees an unaffected, oceanfront luau experience, sure to be intimate, breathtaking, and authentic.

Where does Aulii Luau come From

Aulii Luau was founded by Mi Nei Oliver-Matins. In order to maintain the inherent importance of family performance in traditional Hawaiian culture, Mi Nei’s family makes up the soul of Urahutia Productions (the company behind any luau demonstration). The collective of the company includes her husband, parents, children, siblings, nephews, and nieces. A true family initiative. They make it their aspiration to bring guests into the multi-generational stories and histories that make up their ohana (family) and culture.

What does Aulii Luau Offer

Guests can expect an authentic performance true to the raw value of Polynesian dance. Kauai isn’t nicknamed Hawaii’s “island of discovery” for nothing. Aulii Luau seeks to bring everyone into the fold of meanings innate in traditional dance, music, food, and costume.

The course of the performance has the following progression:

  • It starts with the journey of the Ma’ohi people. The dance chronicles the migration of the Ma’ohi into the region viewers now find themselves watching the display, Kauai.
  • The dancers then take their performance into the realm of mythology where the story of Pele (Goddess of fire) and Lohiau (prince of Kauai) is presented in the intricate style of an ‘oli chant.
  • As an ode to the scene that surrounds guests, dancers then perform the Halele’a.
  • Viewers are then carried back to the present when hula dancers take the stage to perform what many people will recognize as a modern display of hula dancing.
  • The next dance is called the Ka Pali ‘Oahi O Makana, where guests are presented with a fire display meant to symbolize the sacred ‘oahi ceremony once performed on the Makana mountain.
  • The ‘Aotearoa is a dance that many guests will feel in their core. The unmistakable sound of a whirling poi ball set ablaze mixed with the penetrating mantra of the Haka will leave the audience with little wonder as to why this dance was once used to intimidate enemies.
  • Without diminishing the energy built by the previous 6 performances, dancers next perform a dance traditional to Samoa. Guests will see why Samoa was rightly coined “The Heart of Polynesia.”
  • The sobering intensity of the next dance is a beautiful contrast the lightheartedness of the previous one. The flaming swords make the Siva Afi easily recognizable amidst the line-up of performances.
  • Urahutia finishes off the night in the most appropriate of places, the Kahiki. This dance’s intention is to return people to the birthplace of Polynesian people, Tahiti. The soul of the culture is unfurled with a display of drumming hips and grace which lays bare the pinnacle power inherent in the pride of every Polynesian person.

As a way of complimenting the already wholly satisfying performances, the Aulii Luau also offers a delectable menu for guests to enjoy while watching the dances. From poke to kalua pig to lomi lomi salad, guests are treated to the uniquely rich tastes of island food. No cultural facet is left unexplored.

What Makes Aulii Luau Unique

As a way of preservation and rumination, Aulii Luau steeps the luau with the virtuous core of hula and Polynesian tradition. There is a genuineness that explores stories passed from one generation to the next, with a goal to preserve their true meaning and narrative without the affected displays of modernism.

The luau takes place on Poipu Beach, where guests find themselves in the very setting that likely drew them to the islands in the first place. The expansive ocean views are crested by a setting sun, unobstructed by anything other than a cool breeze sent sailing by the force of the ocean’s waves are entirely unique to Aulii Luau. The setting allows guests to breathe in the essence of Hawaii while watching Urahutia make a visual reality of Polynesian tradition.

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Kualoa Ranch is one of the most recognizable locations in Film. From Jurassic Park to Godzilla to Skull Island, this unique and beautiful place has been featured in countless productions. There are several opportunities available to visitors interested in experiencing everything Kualoa has to offer.

“Do not miss Kualoa!” -Claudia F, Tripadvisor


Kualoa Ranch has been in the Judd-Morgan family for several generations. They see themselves as stewards of the land. The ranch was a place of refuge and sold to Dr. Gerritt P. Judd by King Kamehameha III in 1850.

Film Tours

This 4000-acre nature reserve on Oahu is also a working cattle ranch. They offer film tours based on the movies that were shot on location and visitors can thrill to the beautiful vistas used in various films since the 1950s. Recognizing the places from different films is part of the adventure at Kualoa.

Farm to Table

Foodies will not be disappointed with the options available at Kualoa Ranch. A farm-to-table tasting tour of the property includes a visit to the shrimp and tilapia ponds on the property. Visitors can taste the beef, tropical fruit, and seafood harvested at the ranch. They can also learn how the ancient Hawaiians caught fish using their ‘throw net’ technique. The tour finishes off with a delicious tropical fruit smoothie made from the ranch’s fresh produce.

Horseback Riding

Equestrians are also offered the opportunity to view the ranch on horseback. The walking guided tour includes stops at various filming locations and beautiful views of the valleys on Oahu. A Keiki (children’s) Ride is available for those too young for the regular tour. Guides lead children on horses for five minutes to give them an experience of riding at the ranch.

Beach Tours

For visitors interested in the sea, there is a Secret Island Beach tour available. After crossing the ancient fishpond at the ranch, visitors arrive at a gorgeous unspoiled beach to while the afternoon away in the warm Hawaiian sun. There are various watersports available on the beach or visitors can simply relax on the white sand or in a hammock swaying beneath the palm trees.

Catamaran Tours

The Ocean Voyage Catamaran tour is available from the Secret Island. Visitors can view the famous Mokoli’i Island (Chinaman’s Hat) and Hokule’a Beach. They may also see breaching whales or turtles feeding while on the water. This tour is accompanied by historical narration and gorgeous views of the mountains.

For those who love sailing but prefer calmer waters, there is an Ancient Hawaiian Fishpond and Tropical Garden tour available. Visitors will have the chance to experience the Kualoa Ranch Moli’i (fishpond) and learn about Hawaiian aquaculture practices. This fishpond is carbon-dated between 800 and 1000 years old. Guests will also be able to sample some of the tropical fruit along the way during the tour depending upon the season.

Adventure Tours

The ranch also offers various adventure options. There is a Treetop Canopy zip line tour for those who love the speed and drama of soaring above the ground while taking in the gorgeous scenery. For those who prefer to stay closer to the earth, they also offer single and multi-passenger ATV tours of movie locations and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Grass-Fed Beef

Kualoa Ranch is home to 100 percent Hawaiian grass-fed beef. This means a very high quality of life for the cattle and a much tastier meal when it arrives at the table. The cattle are also free-ranging and are free from additives. Kualoa Ranch does not ship, so all beef must be picked up on location. All beef is processed on the island of Oahu, and deliveries to the ranch occur twice per month.


Weddings are also possible at Kualoa Ranch. It is an extremely versatile location and offers anything the heart could wish for. Whether it is a country wedding, exchanging vows on the beach, or a simple, quiet affair in a tropical garden, Kualoa has it all. There are also catering options available from the ranch itself, including its 100 percent grass fed beef, tropical fruit, and other produce. Kualoa Ranch is one of the most eco-friendly options for people interested in an environmentally-sound wedding venue.

All in all, Kualoa Ranch offers a wide array of adventures, activities, and experiences to make any Hawaiian vacation a memorable one. It offers tours and sites of interest to suit any taste or interest and includes the excitement of a Hollywood set combined with the grandeur of Hawaii. Visiting Kualoa Ranch is a wonderful opportunity to take home unique memories when visiting Oahu’s Windward coast.

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Hawaii is an incredible vacation destination that offers a variety of fun experiences for a broad range of people. One of the most fun of these destinations is Maui Paintball. Ever since they reopened in 2011 (after being closed six years), they have been heralded as an incredible destination for fun, excitement, and raw thrills. Here’s what you can expect if you head to this paintball wonderland.

Paintball Excitement

Obviously, paintball is a big deal at Maui Paintball. They offer the best experience, bar none, of any of their competitors on the islands. A large part of this is due to their skills at creating an engaging and fun playing field. Another is the way that they offer a variety of fun and exciting paintball variations that fans love to play.

So whether you are interested in a private or public event, Maui Paintball has you covered. However, they didn’t make their name on just high-quality paintball. They also provide a multitude of cool activities that you’ve just got to try before you leave Hawaii.

Haunted Hayride

Every year, Maui Paintball hosts their Haunted Hayride. During this event, you can participate either as a zombie or simply enjoy riding through the field. Every participant gets a paintball gun during their ride. They then try to shoot down the rampaging zombies as they try to invade their hay cart.

This event is a unique, fun, and action-packed one. There’s nothing quite like mowing down zombies or rushing your friends and family members while pretending to be a zombie yourself.

Three-Man Tournament

The Maui Paintball three-man tournament is a yearly event that operates as a fundraiser for the local SBK group. Players break up into three-man teams and compete to be the king of the paintball hill. Participating players have the chance to win real prizes and show off their paintball skills.

The best part about this tournament is that players can also join the Maui Paintball membership club and receive discounts on paintball equipment. Conversely, players can also buy full-priced stuff and earn a free membership! Players can receive inexpensive gun packages and other benefits when getting a membership.

Occasionally, they have even hosted the large Industry Tournament that brings together paintball players from across the state. Their last tournament was in 2015, and it used newly revised rules to ensure everyone was on the same page. Events of this nature help bring the industry together and showcase Maui Paintball as an industry leader.

Philanthropy is a Big Deal

For those who are interested in Maui Paintball, but aren’t quite sold on it yet, it is worth understanding the many philanthropic activities this company enjoys. For example, they held a food drive in November that was designed to raise funds and food for the Maui Food Bank. This annual event that saw the community bring in over 500 pounds of food for the community.

In another show of community support, Maui Paintball hosted first State FPV Championships. This state-wide event in which drone racers competed for 10 spots in the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships. The event was one of the most popular in the area and attracted a lot of community attention.

It is the little things like this that make companies stand out from their competitors. Maui Paintball simply goes the extra mile to provide a great experience. They focus not just on providing paintball fun but also helping the community and its residents.

The Reviews Have Been Glowing

The best way to gauge the quality of Maui Paintball is to see what their customers have said. On Trip Advisor, they have 42 reviews. Of those reviews, 38 rated it as an excellent experience! Here are just a few of the reviews posted:

“We recently had a private birthday party for my son, and they had a blast on the speedball field that has multiple inflatable bunkers! Warren explained all the rules very clearly. Warren was very friendly, funny and knowledgeable about his job. You have to experience it!”

“Went for a work outing and it was great! Maui Paintball is a fun activity to for everyone. The playing field looked very well kept as well as the whole facility. The staff was great, good customer service.”

“Such an amazing experience at Maui Paintball! Great field, extremely friendly and helpful staff, and just a fun time! We went as a family on Christmas Eve morning and had a blast. We would definitely go back!”

With such high praise and a history of philanthropy, it is no surprise that Maui Paintball remains one of the most attractive and fruitful businesses in all of Hawaii. It is worth a visit for those who are visiting the islands and who want to have a little competitive fun.

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In case you’re wondering, North Shore Surf Girls is far more than what it sounds like. North Shore Surf Girls, located on the beautiful island of Oahu, is a school with an all-female training staff offering the Aloha State’s finest surf and stand up paddle board training.

Attending the school promises to be a highlight of your visit to Hawaii.

Origin Story

The North Shore Surf Girls was founded by Carol Phillips. She was raised on the North Shore and, like many of its residents, fell in love with beaches and surfing. She wanted to share these experiences with everyone. The result was a school that provided safe and fun experiences for all ages and cultures through learning to surf.

Seeing What Surfing Is All About

As both the hobbyist and pro will tell you, there is no more fulfilling adventure than riding the waves. You engage in a breathless journey with adrenaline pumping, giving the heart, blood and body a healthy push. The engagement provides an unmatched rush, giving you a deep connection with the open waters and a culture that only other surfers can appreciate. The first wave will be unforgettable, but every subsequent wave will add another memory.

A Great Opportunity

North Shore Surf Girls offers professional trainers, top quality equipment and thorough, safe instruction on land and water.

Typically, students are broken into groups. In general, sessions average a 3:1 student to instructor ratio. Lessons can be booked for one to two hours depending on your preference. Rates are dependent on the program you chose. These include:

Private family lessons: With a minimum of three students, you get an exclusive two hour private lesson tailored to your family or private party. North Shore Surf Girls is willing to take children under eight years of age.

Semi-private lessons: You can get semi-private sessions between one and two hours. However, you need at least two students. One dedicated instructor matches with your group. This was a great option for traveling groups and certainly for couples.

Group lessons: With three or more potential students, book a one or two hour session, keeping North Shore Surf Girls’s practical 3:1 ratio.

Private lessons: One student, one instructor. Seasoned surfers will definitely prefer dedicated instruction as it provides information that will enhance their knowledge and love of the sport.

Seeing the Best of the Aloha State

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful sites you’ll ever lay eyes on. Come out to learn to surf and discover both the adventure of North Shore Surf Girls. Located in Oahu, you will discover one of the most beautiful regions the world of adventure and discovery has to offer.

When you’re not taking advantage of the North Shore Surf Girls School’s lessons, take in some luaus. Dive into the local cuisine and events. Make sure you check out Eat the Street, a monthly event that celebrates cultural snacks and lunches in the Kakaako neighborhood. Have your breath taken away by Iolani Palace and the garlic shrimp on the North Shore itself.

The Surfing, the Learning and Having a Good Time

Surfing was once an exclusive sport for Hawaiian royalty before the masses began to embrace it. Even though people are surfing around the globe, Oahu and Hawaii remain some of the most sought after spots to hit a good wave.

At North Shore Surf Girls, learn from former pro surfers, television and movie stunt doubles, and lifeguards. These pros won’t only show you how to surf safely, but the best locations to start out and where to go as you got better.

North Shore Surf Girls runs a regular sunset barbecue surfing tour. It starts off with training on a local beach. After the lesson, a staff member takes the students over to North Shore of Oahu for some barbecue and a wondrous sunset.

North Shore Surf Girls offers surf camps. They are the only school on the North Shore that does so. It’s a full week of intensive study and training for all ages. If you are truly looking for an unique, all-inclusive surf experience, these camps are the way to go.

Best Surf Lessons Come from North Shore Surf Girls

For women, learning from females promises to be empowering. If you’re a guy, you’ll appreciate the beauty but ultimately learn these instructors and more than worth their weight in gold. Everyone will admire their talent and dedication. If you have any apprehension about surfing, expect patient and comforting attention.

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Maui is a gorgeous Hawaiian island. It also makes a fantastic destination for anyone interested in recreational activities such as paddle sports. If you’re visiting beautiful Maui, Hawaiian Paddle Sports is a prominent local company that has been helping tourists make the most out of their trips since 2010. The company is well known to specialize tours that are in-depth, educational, and unique for everyone. Travelers who want to learn about authentic Hawaiian community, heritage, history and culture can learn a lot from just one session.

Hawaiian Paddle Sports is a company that emphasizes the value of community, giving back to the people around us on a routine basis. They enjoy guiding eager children and taking them on excursions in the area, routinely participate in paddling activities that promote cancer research and show visitors the extraordinary beauty of hawksbill sea turtles and wildlife overall. If you want to have a Maui travel experience that’s like no other, Hawaiian Paddle Sports makes your wish come true. They can help you experience all of the great things the island has to offer. If you appreciate everything from mysterious reefs to underwater photography, this tour is for you.

Knowledgeable Guides

This small company believes in quality over quantity, with friendly and dedicated staff consisting of 10 seasoned guides. They’re all qualified professionals with international certification; trained bi-annually to keep up with current knowledge of the islands they guide you through. No other business in the state can compete with their level of experience and knowledge. If you want tour guidance from a certified B-corp. business, this is the precise tour you need.

All clients are granted amazing recreational activity opportunities. A favorite among the locals and visitors is the Hawaiian outrigger canoe tours. Don’t worry about that perfect shot, they got you covered with complimentary photographs. If you want access to free images from a talented professional photographer, their Maui tours cover all of the bases and then some.

Specialized for the young and old, the tours are for all fitness abilities. They even often have many different types of pre-existing physical conditions. If you want to participate in a fun and memorable tour that can accommodate everyone, Hawaiian Paddle Sports is the solution. Some of their clients are new in the outdoor activity world. Few might be on multiple trips with the company. They run the gamut.

Hawaiian Paddle Sports stresses the value of convenient family services. They provide fun tours for locals to learn more about their culture and island while having fun in the sun. Tours provide funding through our non-profit services to give back to the aina (the land). The serivce you pay for not only gives you a great experience, but you pay it forward for many more tours to be just as meaningful.

They Care About Hawaii

Hawaiian Paddle Sports is a proud supporter of Malama Nui. Malama Maui Nui is a prominent non-profit group that concentrates on the environment. Once called “Community Work Day Program”, the group maintains the island chain to keep it pristine. If you’re someone who is enthusiastic about the environment, you can understand exactly why Hawaiian Paddle Sports cares about this hard-working group so much. They work hard to keep it a beautiful and welcoming place for all. The impact of staying at a beautiful place like Maui should help all people understand how precious nature is. The Malama Maui Nui campaign focuses on important concepts such as beautification, recycling, litter prevention, waste management and beyond. If you care about those subjects, you care about Malama Maui Nui, too. You can support this cause by having fun with Hawaiian Paddle sports.

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Visit Maui With The New And Improved Tours

Vacations in Hawaii can make wonderful and memorable experiences for explorers. If you want to enjoy a Hawaiian getaway that’s smooth, convenient, thrilling and fascinating, Maui Paradise Tours LLC in Haiku can help you. Maui Paradise Tours is a full-service tour business that has been happily catering visitors to beautiful Maui since it’s launch in 2014. People can get a lot out of turning to Maui Paradise Tours for all of their Hawaiian touring requirements. If you want to bask in the splendor of Hawaii and learn about its past at the same time, Maui Paradise Tours is the best option for you.

Maui Paradise Tours is ideal for smaller groups. Their guides help visitors explore all of the things that make the island of Maui so captivating and intriguing. If you want to gaze at picturesque waterfalls without all the crowds, they make things easy for you. If you want to enjoy a refreshing swim in the hidden streams of the road to Hana, no worries. Maui Paradise Tours make it easy for visitors to take advantage of the plentiful joys of Maui. The expert guides help you explore all different environments and locations on Maui, too. If you want to explore quiet and more intimate locales, you can count on the expert guides here. If you want to tour locations that are better known, you can count on them all the same.

Making All Tours Custom To You

Maui Paradise Tours accommodates the needs of all different travelers, including disabled persons. If you use a wheelchair to get around, you’ll have no problem participating in the in-depth tours. Maui Paradise Tours do whatever it takes to give their participants the chance to have fun. Physical activities during the tours are geared to be suitable for all kinds of people. Skill and physical fitness levels don’t matter. Age groups don’t matter at all, either. They’re here for anyone and everyone. If you don’t feel like traveling much, that’s totally up to you. Maui Paradise Tours is a company all about pure freedom and convenience.

This is a company that treats all of the members of our touring groups like beloved family members. Everyone can feel included. Tour experiences are personalized, warm, attentive and detail-oriented. If you want to relish a Maui tour experience that feels a lot like family, Maui Paradise Tours is the way to go.

Wine And Dine While You Explore

All tours give access to amazing and convenient dining choices. Reap the benefits of vegan cuisine, local and organic dishes, and non-GMO foods while you explore the terrain. If you want to dine like a bona fide Maui local, Maui Paradise Tours is your ticket to the real deal.

Maui Paradise Tours is also great for the amateur sommelier. If you want to go on a wonderful upcountry vineyard tour, you can turn to them. Tour participants get the opportunity to relish wine tasting sessions from tropical unique Maui wines that are pleasant and relaxing.

Get To Know The Beauty Of Maui Inside And Out

Maui Paradise Tours cant make you revel in the Hawaiian getaway of a lifetime. If you want to learn about all of the plants and wildlife that make Maui distinctive, special and compelling, you’ll get a lot out of their comprehensive tours. The tours are especially great for people who are searching for well-rounded and thorough Hawaii and Maui educations with the scenery. People who want to take in the finest natural landscapes around can trust the guides here fully. They know all of the most scenic spots on Maui, and all of the quietest and most soothing ones as well.

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