Be Part of the Hawaiian Underwater Adventure with the Atlantis Submarines

Atlantis Submarines

When in Hawaii, you will definitely have some of the “must-dos” in your “to-do” list like visiting the USS Arizona Memorial or enjoying the scenic beauty of the Haleakala Crater. You might also choose to just sit back and relax at Waikiki beach, soaking up Hawaii and enjoying your visit. But if you are looking to make your trip truly memorable, you should explore the great underwater natural expanses of this gorgeous island state: its underwater sea life.

When talking about exploring underwater nature, we mostly think about scuba diving and snorkeling. The former even needs some basic training before you make the dive. But what if we tell you that you can enjoy the beautiful sea life and the gorgeous reefs sitting inside a submarine? Wouldn’t that be a treat? You can take your entire family on this unforgettable journey aboard the Atlantis Submarine, Hawaii’s only submarine tours that’s family friendly where anyone can enjoy the views and thrill of life under the sea without the need to don a scuba suit.

About Atlantis Submarines

For years, the Atlantis submarines have conducted eco-tours exploring the vast richness of life under the sea. Atlantis has been extending its eco-tours to visitors and tourists since 1988 and use environmentally safe submarines that run on batteries, are pollution-free, and navigate very quietly through the waters without disturbing the natural sea life. The submarine takes you 100 feet below the sea surface where you can witness an impressive collection of sea life, schools of fish, coral reefs, and remains of some shipwrecks among many other points of interest.

Atlantis’ submarines have taken the responsibility of planting artificial reefs at the Waikiki and Maui sites to help the natural habitat flourish at these sites, thereby turning barren areas into ones vibrant with life. They also believe that their eco tours give tourists the opportunity to see and appreciate the valuable life under the sea and how important it is to conserve the underwater environment for the protection of the same.

Atlantis also offers sunset dinner cruises on board the Navatek, a one-of-a-kind vessel that is designed to give you the best cruising experience on Hawaii’s waters. The double-hulled design of the Navatek cruise takes you to some of the prime locations of the Hawaiian Islands, like watching the humpback whales during the whale-watching season. A naturalist, onboard the cruise, will give you an insightful commentary about the sea creatures and about their protection and support, something that children onboard take away a lot from.

Oahu Dinner Cruises

One of Atlantis’ specialties is the Oahu dinner cruises onboard the Navatek I which has been described by Forbes magazine as “reinventing the boat.” Enjoy a luxurious dinner cruise aboard the 140-foot hi-tech vessel made using SWATH technology. The cruise offers a scrumptious dinner that includes steaks, whole Maine lobsters and a premium cocktail while you enjoy onboard nightly entertainment. Atlantis believes in delivering the family experience, so if you are traveling with children, they also offer special children’s meal.

Maui Submarine Tour

All aboard the hi-tech 48-seater passenger submarine for the underwater eco tour by Atlantis! Enjoy the underwater scenery, shoals of beautiful fishes and corals at the Maui site while soaking in the experience of sitting in the comfort of an air-conditioned submarine. Featured on TV channels such as National Geographic, these submarine tours are especially fascinating for children who can witness the beauty of sea life beneath Maui’s open waters. The artificial reefs installed by Atlantis at the Maui site is a special attraction that is now featured under the Sub Tour Experience.

Big Island Tour

Let Atlantis submarines take you 100 feet below sea level and experience the views of Kona that you would not have thought of before. Explore the underwater treasures of natural sea life and ship wrecks from close quarters and see treasures hidden even from the local inhabitants of Hawaii. 45 minutes of pure adventure exploring 25 acres of natural coral reef, which is 18,000 years old. You have a variety of packages to select from some which offer you a submarine tour along with a brilliant taste of the Hawaiian life at the Royal Kona Resort or at the King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel. You can also pair your submarine trip with whale watching or snorkeling experiences. Atlantis makes sure it has something for everyone.

Travel tips

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