In case you’re wondering, North Shore Surf Girls is far more than what it sounds like. North Shore Surf Girls, located on the beautiful island of Oahu, is a school with an all-female training staff offering the Aloha State’s finest surf and stand up paddle board training.

Attending the school promises to be a highlight of your visit to Hawaii.

Origin Story

The North Shore Surf Girls was founded by Carol Phillips. She was raised on the North Shore and, like many of its residents, fell in love with beaches and surfing. She wanted to share these experiences with everyone. The result was a school that provided safe and fun experiences for all ages and cultures through learning to surf.

Seeing What Surfing Is All About

As both the hobbyist and pro will tell you, there is no more fulfilling adventure than riding the waves. You engage in a breathless journey with adrenaline pumping, giving the heart, blood and body a healthy push. The engagement provides an unmatched rush, giving you a deep connection with the open waters and a culture that only other surfers can appreciate. The first wave will be unforgettable, but every subsequent wave will add another memory.

A Great Opportunity

North Shore Surf Girls offers professional trainers, top quality equipment and thorough, safe instruction on land and water.

Typically, students are broken into groups. In general, sessions average a 3:1 student to instructor ratio. Lessons can be booked for one to two hours depending on your preference. Rates are dependent on the program you chose. These include:

Private family lessons: With a minimum of three students, you get an exclusive two hour private lesson tailored to your family or private party. North Shore Surf Girls is willing to take children under eight years of age.

Semi-private lessons: You can get semi-private sessions between one and two hours. However, you need at least two students. One dedicated instructor matches with your group. This was a great option for traveling groups and certainly for couples.

Group lessons: With three or more potential students, book a one or two hour session, keeping North Shore Surf Girls’s practical 3:1 ratio.

Private lessons: One student, one instructor. Seasoned surfers will definitely prefer dedicated instruction as it provides information that will enhance their knowledge and love of the sport.

Seeing the Best of the Aloha State

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful sites you’ll ever lay eyes on. Come out to learn to surf and discover both the adventure of North Shore Surf Girls. Located in Oahu, you will discover one of the most beautiful regions the world of adventure and discovery has to offer.

When you’re not taking advantage of the North Shore Surf Girls School’s lessons, take in some luaus. Dive into the local cuisine and events. Make sure you check out Eat the Street, a monthly event that celebrates cultural snacks and lunches in the Kakaako neighborhood. Have your breath taken away by Iolani Palace and the garlic shrimp on the North Shore itself.

The Surfing, the Learning and Having a Good Time

Surfing was once an exclusive sport for Hawaiian royalty before the masses began to embrace it. Even though people are surfing around the globe, Oahu and Hawaii remain some of the most sought after spots to hit a good wave.

At North Shore Surf Girls, learn from former pro surfers, television and movie stunt doubles, and lifeguards. These pros won’t only show you how to surf safely, but the best locations to start out and where to go as you got better.

North Shore Surf Girls runs a regular sunset barbecue surfing tour. It starts off with training on a local beach. After the lesson, a staff member takes the students over to North Shore of Oahu for some barbecue and a wondrous sunset.

North Shore Surf Girls offers surf camps. They are the only school on the North Shore that does so. It’s a full week of intensive study and training for all ages. If you are truly looking for an unique, all-inclusive surf experience, these camps are the way to go.

Best Surf Lessons Come from North Shore Surf Girls

For women, learning from females promises to be empowering. If you’re a guy, you’ll appreciate the beauty but ultimately learn these instructors and more than worth their weight in gold. Everyone will admire their talent and dedication. If you have any apprehension about surfing, expect patient and comforting attention.

If you’re on the edge on surfing, talk with someone at North Shore Surf Girls before you arrange your Hawaiian adventure. Want even more savings? Check out the Shaka Gold Card at Hawaii Fun! They can save you on these activities and so much more!