Round Up Fun At Kualoa Ranch


Kualoa Ranch

Looking for a unique way to experience and explore the beautiful environs of the island of Oahu? Kualoa Ranch offers tours and activities that will fit your bill. Kualoa is firstly a working cattle ranch and home to over 500 head of cattle. However, there is a special location for tourists and locals alike to experience its many attractions. The grounds stretch from white sand beaches to broad valleys to verdant rainforests. Many locations are accessible only by hiking, on horseback, or on an all-terrain vehicle.


The grand mountains and breathtaking valleys inspired the name of Kualoa, which in Hawaiian means “long back”. Ancient Hawaiians considered Kualoa one of the most sacred places on Oahu. Moreover, Hawaiian nobility learned about historical social traditions and warfare. Most importantly, kings used it as a natural retreat.

King Kamehameha III initially sold land at Kualoa to Dr. Gerritt P. Judd, a missionary doctor who also served as an advisor to the king. Judd’s son purchased additional acreage and now the size of the entire property stands at an impressive 4,000 acres. The owners and stewards of the land are the Morgans.

Tours and Activities

If you visit Kualoa, you will find:

  • Movie site, jungle, and ranch tours – Get a taste of Hollywood in Hawaii! Kualoa has hosted such films as “Jurassic World,” “Godzilla,” “Hawaii Five-O,” and “Lost”. Other tours offer a beautiful ride through the rainforests on jungle trails.
  • Secret beach, ancient fishpond, and tropical garden tours – Learn about early Hawaiian aquaculture practices in the 153-acre pond that has been carbon dated at 800 to 1000 years old. Explore the fruit and flower gardens where you can taste some delicious tropical fruits depending on season. You can also spend quality time frolicking and relaxing on a pristine private beach.
  • Horseback, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and treetop canopy zip line tour tours – For the slightly more adventurous, hop on a horse or ATV to explore the ranch. Experience the best zip line in Hawaii, as voted by the Honolulu Star Advertiser, and “fly” through the trees while getting some amazing stories to share with friends.
  • Catamaran ocean tour – Enjoy a peaceful ocean tour where you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of whales and sea turtles.

Stewardship and Sustainability

Many guests have commented on how friendly, fun, and knowledgeable the tour guides at Kualoa are. Employees are educated experts in Hawaiian culture and embody the mission to honor and perpetuate an understanding of the cultural legacy of the island. Employees also share with guests malama’ āina, caring for and preserving the native environment. Conservation and restoration are ongoing initiatives for Kualoa Ranch.

Kualoa also partners with and supports the local community. It makes an effort to purchase local products and services. Also offered are team building and experiential learning opportunities for local schools. 12,000 students participate in its company subsidized programs. Focusing on stewardship, sustainability, and service, Kualoa takes pride in offering fun and meaningful experiences for visitors.

Make Memories

Located in a such a breathtaking area, Kualoa is available for special events and weddings. Unique packages are available for birthday parties and corporate team building events. For those looking to plan an unforgettable wedding, Kualoa grown “farm to table” menu options are available: fresh fish and oysters, 100% grass-fed beef, and garden-grown vegetables and fruits.

One satisfied guest commented, “You won’t be disappointed in making memories here”. Another guest proclaimed that the time they spent at Kualoa made the list for one of the “best days in my life”.

It’s not hard to see how special Kualoa is. Kualoa offers unique, magical, and memorable experiences; from its ancient history, culture, and land. If you’d like to book a ticket at Kualoa Ranch, don’t forget to check out the Shaka Gold Card on Hawaii Fun. They can give you discounts on this activity and many more. Save hundreds for even more fun!