Discovering Hawaii with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours

Tourguide from Discover Hawaii Tours leads a group to a hidden waterfall for a swim

Are you ready to enter a tropical paradise just steps away from your hotel? Looking for a package that understands value for money while giving you the best sights that take you to Heaven? What if it didn’t end in just one location? What if you could tour multiple islands – all while knowing that you are going to receive exclusive care? And it isn’t just you, with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours – Eco-tourism blends caring for the environment with caring for the visitors. Reserve a trip with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours today, and you are guaranteed a vacation you will never forget.

Catering to the islands of Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai, Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours spares no expense in showcasing the best of Hawaii. With professional tour guides that love their home – you are bound to learn everything you ever wanted to about this tropical paradise. Information, guidance, new perspectives and a life-changing experience await your visit, and all for the fraction of what you expected to pay. With activities that start from around $100, you can book one of thier tour packages and have the time of your life. More expensive packages are available for groups and most of the packages come with added benefits. Looking to have dinner with the freshest and highest quality ingredients? Well look no further – all included with the price of your initial package, choose between the economy, premium or VIP packages and indulge in all the luxuries the Hawaiian paradise has to offer.

Tour Packages

With a wide range of packages exploring all the integral heritage locations of Hawaii, you never know what to expect when you book a trip with Discover Hawaii Tours. And you don’t just get to travel – our specially selected tour guides are ripe with knowledge on all aspects of Hawaiian culture – from Pearl Harbor, to history, its myths and folk tales, its music and lively culture. Immerse yourself in a whole new world you never thought existed and come away feeling replenished and ready for your next trip back!

  • Oahu: From scuba diving to kayaking, meeting the sharks to playing with the dolphins, a lively dinner cruise to a day exploring volcanoes or even Pearl Harbor – you think of it, we have it. Starting at just $99, these trips are designed to be penny pinchers. With a mission to expand knowledge on Hawaiian culture and ways of life, it comes as no surprise that Discover Hawaii Tours brings you the best of the local world. Have you always dreamed of visiting the historic city of Honolulu and stop by Pearl Harbor? At just $39.99 – your dream is cheaper than a new phone! How about spending a day exploring volcanoes and thrilling yourself with a little adrenaline? Opt for the One-Day Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure – at just $399.99! Think you want to keep your distance from the volcano? How about climbing on to a helicopter for the most breathtaking views you will ever find? At just $639.99 – you can give yourself an experience that will stay with you till your dying day. All these and more await the Oahu package, and remember – as long as there’s some place you want to visit, you can rest assured that we have economically viable package waiting just for you.
  • Maui: Ever wanted to meet a turtle? Ever wanted to snorkel? Ever wanted to do them together? At just $95.99 – you can make it happen for yourself! How about a wonderful dinner cruise along the Maui river? Pay just $109.99 and get ready for the most romantic evening – food included of course! Feast on local specialties made from the highest quality ingredients. Are you a history buff? How about a tour of the battleships left behind from World War II? Pay $399.99, and get ready for an experience in time travel! All this and plenty more away you with Discover Hawaii Tours.
  • Big Island: Eco Tours are what make Hawaiian tourism sustainable, adventurous and interesting while preserving the best of nature. Get ready to meet the Manta Rays and learn all about their life and habitats at just $129.99. The most active volcano in the world is also at Big Island – and for all you thrill seekers, geologists and life explorers, Discover Hawaii Tours has a package at just $279.99. Get ready to fly over sights that you have never seen before! And all of that, for just a fraction of what you would have dreamed to pay.
  • Kauai: Welcome to the oldest island in Hawaii – untouched and full of life, just waiting for you to come visit. Discover Hawaii Tours presents everything from a trip to the Waimea Canyon ($119.99) to a zip-lining adventure designed to tone you up ($115.99) to a sightseeing cruise complete with dinner at Napali ($145.99). With Discover Hawaii Tours, you are always paying the right amount for the best experience of your life.

With these and many many more tours available for your sight-seeing pleasure, visit us once, visit us twice, and we guarantee that you will keep wanting to come back.

Money Saving Ideas:

There are numerous websites out there that will give you a discount of up to 10% for some of Discover Hawaii Tours’ activities, but none will give you as much as 25% off per person as’s Shaka Gold Card. Recommended by Frommer’s Travel Guides, the Shaka Gold Card only costs $30.00 and offers numerous discounts and savings on a variety of attractions and activities.