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Kualoa Ranch

From the towering mountains to the warm Hawaiian Ocean, Kualoa Ranch is a truly special place that leaves visitors in awe. This historical 4,000-acre cattle ranch’s scenery is pure heaven and offers an idyllic location for fun activities for guests of all ages.

Explore the countryside with an ATV tour and a horseback tour! Enjoy the wind through your hair and learn the history of this sixth generation family-owned ranch with the Treetop Canopy Zipline Tour. Kualoa Ranch offers a vast variety of events, which makes this a true dream spot for the adventurer at heart.

Looking for a peaceful tour that entwines scenery and simplicity? You’re in luck with the Ocean Voyage Tour. Guests of all ages can enjoy spectacular views of the iconic Mokoli’i Island and Hokule’a Beach. That’s not all, however! Venture through the Tropical Garden and Fishpond Tour where guests of all ages are greeted to a special event that weaves history with beauty!

After a day of adventure what better way to experience Hawaii than to roll out the red carpet and trek into Hollywood’s “Hawaii Backlot!” Site of over 50 Hollywood blockbusters and movies, this tour is a must-see for the young and young at heart. Hop aboard a vintage school bus and ride into Ka’awa Valley. In this 90-minute tour, guests will receive a front-row seat to the infamous Jurassic Park fallen tree, Godzilla’s footprints, and much more!

Swing out of Hollywood’s  “Hawaii Backlot” and into the jungle. Oahu’s best jungle tour is a 90-minute tour that takes guests three and older deep into the peaceful and beautiful Hakipu’u Valley. Trek pass isolated streams, view an awe-inspiring 800-year-old fishpond, and venture your way to secluded spots that overlook Oahu’s eastern coastline!

This sixth generation family-owned enterprise is located in one of the most historically significant areas on O’ahu. This sacred place is a truly captivating experience that merges mystery, history, beauty and fun all into one special experience for adventurers of all ages. Be sure to bring your camera, as this is one ranch guaranteed to leave you with lasting memories.

After a day of fun and adventure, treat your appetite to Aunty Pat’s Cafe. Here you’ll find farm fresh, 100% grass-fed beef. Meat lovers can eat happily knowing their eating the finest beef on the island. This means no hormones or antibiotics!

All the memories and fun to be shared can be found on the Kualoa website. The ranch is big enough for adventure and yet small enough to hold the most special of events including weddings and birthdays. Be sure to book your tours in advance as due to the popularity, spots go fast. So what are you waiting for – paradise is now just a click away!

Additional Information:

49-560 Kamehameha Hwy,
Kaneohe, HI 96744

Book your reservation Toll Free: (800) 231-7321
Reservations Desk: (808) 237-7321

Waimea Canyon Amazing by Helicopter

One of my first jobs when I moved to the islands in 1988, was selling activities.  Due to the high price of Helicopter Tours and my lack of first hand knowledge,  I rarely sold air tours. That all changed after my first Helicopter ride. Once I experienced the “WOW Factor” of viewing the islands from above – I was hooked!

There is no other way to get the spectacular, bird’s-eye view of the Garden Island except  by helicopter. The helicopters in Hawaii are especially designed for touring. One of Kauai’s most popular activities as it affords passengers dramatic views of the island’s many areas not accessible by car. Expect to be amazed by awesome vistas and you will not be disappointed.

Jurrassic Falls Safari Helicopters
Jurrassic Falls

Verdant valleys and cascading waterfalls are only the beginning of a long list of fabulous sights. Your pilot may point out waterfalls that have appeared in popular movies like Jurassic Park, Six Days & Seven Nights, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Descendants, Soul Surfer… just to name a few.

If your lucky enough to experience a rain shower during your flight, watch for a rainbow or possibly the entire circle.

Weather and visibility permitting, Waialeale Crater, Waimea Canyon and The Na Pali Coast are among the most dramatic sights you will see. Colorful Waimea Canyon, nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” by author Mark Twain, is most famous for its varied reddish hues. The sheer cliffs of The Na Pali Coastline plunge to the Pacific Ocean along the remote northwest coastline where ancient Hawaiians used to live. Mt. Waialeale, an extinct volcano crater with an average rainfall of 400-600 inches per year, is considered to be the wettest spot on earth.


Kauai Bali Hai with Blue Hawaiian HelicopterIt’s best to arrive and check in by the time suggested when you made your reservation. This
allows you ample time to ask questions and watch the happy faces of returning passengers.  Seating aboard the helicopter will be assigned as it is important for proper weight and balance of the aircraft. Once on board, you will want to put your headphones on so you
won’t miss a single word. Just sit back, relax and enjoy mother nature’s splendor as it unfolds around you.
The temptation to bring your camera on the flight with you is certainly understandable. Before you decide, you may wish to consider that passengers who spend time trying to capture the tour on film can miss the essence of this magical experience. It is more than just breathtaking scenery. Many pilots orchestrate their tours with background music to complement their informative narration, much like a play or movie might be choreographed. Also, most tour operators offer professionally produced videos as well as excellent photographs of the sights to be visited. No one back home needs to know who was actually behind the camera.

Get ready for some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and a highlight of your vacation. Taking a Helicopter Tour is one of Top 10 Activities, I recommend to visitors, family and friends. It is well worth every penny.

One of the best deals on Kauai is Safari Helicopter’a Waterfall Deluxe. Regular price $204 (with a Shaka Gold Card only $155 pp).

To book direct with the owners of the businesses visit: To see a list of businesses offering Helicopter Tours on Kauai Click Here.

North Shore

With six major Hawaiian Islands to explore and thousands of activities and attractions to experience, where should one even begin?

Inspired by Fodor’s Travel – 40 Ultimate Things to Do in Hawaii, we have compile our own list of 40 Quintessential Hawaii Must-Do Activities. From land (`Aina) to ocean (Kai) to sky (Wakea), your Hawaiian adventure awaits for you!


maui dragon fruit farm zilpline

Nestled in the high-elevated scenic town of Lahaina, Maui lays a luscious field juicy tropical fruit that casts an ocean of colors for as far as the eye can see. Although majestic mountains and an awe-inspiring blue Hawaiian ocean surround the tropical palekaiko, the truly sweet component that keeps people coming back is the Dragon Fruit Farm Tour.

This unique tour is both fun and educational for the whole family. In just under two hours, visitors are taken on a unique exploration into the trivia, story, and authentic history behind both the mystery of the Hawaiian produce and the legacy of the Dragon Fruit Farm.

Guests will receive an out of this world experience as they venture deep into the luscious, USDA certified organic, and environmentally friendly fields. Here, they’ll see the various agricultural crops while experiencing the mesmerizing Hawaiian landscape inside Maui’s only dragon fruit farm. What makes this tour truly special and unlike any other tour in Hawaii is the zipline.

That’s right! All visitors will now be able to see the deeply rich Hawaiian fields, the breathtaking West Maui Mountains, and peaceful Pacific Ocean all while gliding through the warm Hawaiian air. Each stretch across the 450-foot long zipline will leave you saying “aloha” to the beautiful island!

Dislike heights? No problem, as the Dragon Fruit Farm also includes a large aquaball, which gives each guest a fun 450-foot long roll down a track through the sugarcane fields. Like the zipline, each aquaball traveller will receive a one of a kind view of the West Maui Mountains and breathtaking ocean.

There’s truly no deeper connectedness to Hawaiian history than being a part of this special tour. This one of a kind adventure has truly captivated the imaginations of visitors of all ages who are left praising how exciting and informative the tour is. On top of all this excitement, the Dragon Fruit Farm offers all visitors a free snack, beverage, and a sample of dragon fruit to insure nobody leaves unsatisfied!

Hours Of Operation: The Dragon Fruit Farm Tour, Zipline Adventure, and Aquaball Adventure located at 833 Punakea Loop, Lahaina, HI 96761 are each open 7 days a week throughout the year.

The Dragon Fruit Farm tour is open from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. The Zipline Adventure is open from 10am to 5pm. As for the Aquaball Adventure Tour, this ball of fun is open to guests from 11:30 am to 3:30pm. Guests of all ages should arrive 15 minutes before the start time.

FRUIT FARM TOUR TIPS: In order to receive the most enjoyment from this trip, be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera to capture all the memories! In addition, be sure to bring along closed toed shoes, which are a must for both the farm tour and zipline. As for the aquaball, please bring swimwear!

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In addition, save money at the Dragon Fruit Farm by purchasing their combo packages. To get the best deals, please follow this link to the website!

makani kai helicopter

A flawless warm sky painted above stunning mountains, and a majestic clear ocean that stretches out to the warm tickling sand. The features that make up Oahu’s scenery are so captivating that it’s truly no guess as to why the small island is often called paradise. Now, with Makani Kai’s Helicopter rides, you can experience all the beauties of Oahu like never before.

The award-winning Makani Kai Helicopter rides have quickly become a thing of legend. In this incredible tour, guests are taken on a serene trip that blends all the scenery and warm rich history that Oahu has to offer.

Journey across the utopian skies, as you’ll become engrossed by historical aerial views of Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, Aloha Tower, and so much more. Be greeted to the island’s natural splendors that include towering Sacred Falls, luscious rain forests, and Sunset Beach, just to name a few!

Hover over the blissful views of significant sites, old battling grounds, the royal palace, lighthouses, beaches, and much more in the Pali Makani Tour. This 30-minute adventure is one of four tours offered by Makani Kai that is guaranteed to create lasting memories.

In the Hidden Oahu Tour, ascend into the air where you’ll soon be gazing over all the “must see” attractions and Oahu vistas. Experience world famous beaches, volcanic craters, cascades, and much more in this breathtaking 45-minute adventure.

The Ali’i Sacred Falls Tour is the third and most popular of the four tours offered by Makani Kay Helicopters Company in Oahu. This remarkable 60-minute journey includes everything offered in the other tours. In addition, guests on the Ali’I Tour will experience a one of a kind adventure as they pass further along Sacred Falls to some of the most popular visitor attractions.

In this incredible Doors Off adventure, hover over the most scenic places in Oahu while riding in the iconic helicopter from the Magnum PI television series. Over the course of the 50-minute flight, you’ll receive amazing views of beaches, lighthouses, Mount Olomana, and much more! Before embarking on this adventure, be sure to check out the info regarding the Doors Off Tour on the Makani Kai website.

For those staying at the Ko Olina, Disney’s Aulani and the Ihilani Resort and Spa, you’ll be excited to hear that Makani Kai Helicopter Company offers 2 amazing tours for you! Each of these three tours begins and ends at a Ko Olina resort property that’s around 20 miles from Waikiki.

The Ko Olina Circle Island Spectacular is a spectacular adventure that mixes history and stunning scenery into one. In just the 60-minute flight, you’ll have an exclusive aerial view of a plethora of amazing sites including the Arizona Memorial, Waikiki Beach, “Jurassic Park” Valley, and so much more!

Venture over historic Pearl Harbor, the majestic Sacred Falls, and world-renowned beaches in the Ko Olina Circle Island Spectacular. This 60-minute ride will introduce you to amazing sites that can only be seen from the air.

From all the helicopter tours in Hawaii, the one component separating Makani Kai from all the rest is their safety measures. Not only will you be riding alongside veteran pilots, but also you’ll be in the sky with the only helicopter tour accredited by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations. Guests of all ages can enjoy their tour more knowing they’re riding with a company that has remained incident free in their twenty plus year history.

Safety isn’t the only thing that keeps guests and locals coming back, however. Features including air-conditioning, spacious cabin that seats 6 passengers, noise canceling headsets, and the extra windows for amazing photo opportunities have guests raving!

Be sure to book your tour before arriving, as seats go fast! You can reserve your spot on this adventure Monday through Sunday from 8am to 5pm. We hope to see you here!

LOCATION: 130 Lolana Pl, Honolulu, HI 96819

MAKANI KAI HELICOPTER TIPS: Before departing on this one of a kind excursion, please bring a camera, as words simply cannot capture the beautiful scenery that this tour offers. In addition, be sure to purchase the DVD recording of your event, which will leave you reminiscing on the outstanding views of Hawaii! Be sure to check out the Makani Kai website for all rules and regulations before your departure day. Click here to book your tour and read more details on the tours available. Follow this link to book a private charter flight!

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FUN FACT: Makani Kai Helicopters have appeared on the CBS hit show, Hawaii Five-O

lahaina stables

Settled in the cozy and isolated foothills of Launiupoko Valley lies an American treasure that has tourists of all ages galloping into adventure, Lahaina Stables. The Certificate of Excellence award winner offers an extraordinary view of the luscious green landscape and towering mountains whose beauty can only be seen on horseback.

The celebrated stable offers a morning, lunch, and sunset ride, which are each led by a Lahaina Stable team member. During the journey through the incredible Kauaula and Launiupoko Valleys, guests will receive an exclusive view of Maui’s secluded beauty.

The Morning Historical Ride will have you gazing at some of the most beautiful scenery Hawaii has to offer while enjoying the history of Hawaii. This adventure begins at 8:30am with a ride next to the Kauaula Stream. This will be followed by a ride up 1,200 feet where guests are treated to some of the most breathtaking views. Guests on this tour will also be treated to stunning scenery of old sugar cane terraces, the Pioneer Mill, and much more! Snacks and beverages will also be provided on this tour.

Lahaina Stable’s 2nd adventure begins at 10:30am. The Lunch Ride begins down the trail to Launiupoko Valley. Adventurers will be surrounded by the West Maui Mountains and be greeted to astounding views of Molokai, Lanai and Lahaina Town and Harbor. Of course, as the name would hint, a tasty lunch, snack, and beverage will be provided. Lahaina Stable creates a unique and one of a kind lunch experience, as guests will be treated to lunch inside an authentic Hawaiian hale!

Enjoy paradise riding in the warm evening air under the sunset in Lahaina’s Sunset Ride. The sunset ride starts at varying times, depending on the time of season. Drinks and beverages will be provided on this highly popular ride overlooking the Pacific Ocean and West Maui Mountains.

Lahaina Stable’s breathtaking tours are each conducted at a leisurely pace, which allows guests of all skill levels and ages the opportunity to take pictures of the awe-inspiring views that Maui has to offer. However, Lahaina Stables has those who are intermediate to advance in skill level covered also, as the stable includes the option to tour with a faster trot!

Overall, one of the most exciting features of the journey is the myths and stories told. During the 2.5-hour trailride, guests will be treated to the amazing history and fables surrounding the island. The folklore ranges from astronomy to the town’s local history to everything in between! Each legend, tale, and attraction is fun for the whole family!

Due to the popularity of these tours, horses book up fast so please reserve your spot before arriving to Maui. Don’t miss your chance at experiencing Maui’s only trailride through the beautiful Kauaula Valley and Launiupoko Valley!

LAHAINA HORSEBACK TIPS: All adventurers should wear a t-shirt and bluejeans with lace-up shoes. Although not mandatory, to make the visit more enjoyable, it’s recommended that you bring along sunglasses, sunscreen, cameras and hats. Please look over Lahaina Stable’s dress code and other restrictions before arrival. In addition, Lahaina welcomes guests of all experience levels and is very happy to help new riders learn how to horseback ride.

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Road to Hana

Hana, Maui is a place where even locals leave their everyday life to escape to. But the big secret is in the journey getting there. The fresh clean air is lightly scented with eucalyptus, ever so changing into hints of fresh white and yellow ginger, growing wild on the side of the road. Cascading waterfalls magically appear around turns, glistening down the mountainside, out of the rocky roadside; so close you want to reach out of your window to touch it.  Giant vine wrapping around ancient trees, stretching towards the rainbow filled sky, as rivers flow towards the sea from the lush, rain forest mountains.

Hana Waterfalls
Hana Waterfalls

The road to Hana is one of the most famous drive experiences in the world.  Boasting 617 curves and 54 bridges, this road takes you on a tropical, lush journey of cascading waterfalls with enticing swimming holes, hiking trails, bamboo and rainbow eucalyptus forests and black sand beaches.  Not only is this drive a delectable visual overload, but it is deeply rooted in the cultural history of ancient Hawai’i.

There are many scenic lookout points, freshwater swimming ponds with glistening waterfalls and sandy beaches to experience during your drive. Not to mention all the great places to stop for local treats like fresh homemade coconut candy and freshly baked banana bread. Whether, this is your first time to Maui or your annual vacation destination, taking a guided tour to Hana should be on the top of your #MauiMustDo List.  I highly recommend the Hana Picnic Tour with Award Winning Temptation Tours.  It’s like taking a semi-private, luxury, first class trip to Hana with your very own certified tour guide.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Let your Hawaii Certified Guide navigate you safely to all the amazing spots you’ve been dreaming about.  During the drive out, your guide will narrate the rich Hawaiian history behind each stop. They will take you to places you might have missed and teach you about the beliefs and customs of the Hawaiian culture you won’t see or might not have heard about.

Temptation Tours 2
Ke’anae Peninsula

The Hana Picnic Tour begins around 7:00am as your Guide picks you up at your hotel in your Luxury Limo Van, settle into your leather Captain Chair to begin your magical Maui adventure. Some of the stops you will get to experience are Hookipa Beach Park, Ke’anae Peninsula, Pua’a Ka’a State Park, beautiful Hana Bay & Wainapanapa State Park. Not only will you get to experience these places, you will learn about the Hawaiian History of all the plants and animals; and cultural lessons on ancient & modern Hawaiian customs that are still practiced today.  You will enjoy a light morning snack along with a scrumptious beach side lunch on this amazing journey.

HANA TIPS: Always proceed with caution and care when approaching the side of the road for picture moments.  Do not run to the edge of the embankment as there might be sheer drops below. Bring sunscreen, a towel and swimming clothes.  Make sure your camera’s are fully charged and you have an extra SD card, you will be capturing lots of moments and making memories that will last a lifetime on this trip.  Do not litter and be respectful of the Aina! Last but not least, ask lots of questions and enjoy the ride!!!

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