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Flumin' Kohala Rainforest Adventure

Deep in the rainforest of the Big Island there exists a little known system of irrigation flumes. These concrete tunnels and channels are known as the Kohala Ditch. The term “Flumin’ Kohala” refers to the action of riding down the water ways. That’s exactly what this unique Big Island adventure is all about.

The Kohala Ditch was initially designed and constructed to transport fresh water from the Kohala Mountains to the far-reaching fields of sugarcane that once covered the lowlands below. While there was plenty of water in Hawaii, it often wasn’t in the right place at the right time.

Truly a wonder of human strength and will, this amazing feat of engineering was a complicated, time consuming, dangerous and even deadly undertaking, belied by the simple description “ditch”. The 26 mile long Kohala Ditch is comprised of three different types of passage. Totaling sixteen miles, the 57 separate tunnels are lined with carved local rock, the longest single tunnel being nearly a half mile in length. In addition, there are six miles of open ditch lined with concrete, with the remaining four miles being comprised of seven feet wide and six feet deep, tarred and caulked flumes built over the steep ravines and canyons deep in the high mountain rainforest of the Big Island.

“Our guides… were so knowledgeable of the history and culture of the sugarcane industry and the area — and they were funny, too!” – Sara W. on TripAdvisor, May 2016

Changing Times

With the demise of the Hawaiian sugarcane industry, the Ditch now provides water to a variety of small farms and dairies. And lucky for nature lovers and history buffs, guided adventures along its path. Having obtained special permission from private owners, Flumin’ Kohala is able to offer a unique and exclusive adventure deep in the historically rich and verdant mountains of Kohala, usually Kapu(forbidden) to all.

Before making your reservations for Flumin’ Kohala, consider getting a Shaka Gold Card to take advantage of discounts and special offers.

Flumin’ Kohala Rainforest Adventure

When you join your Flumin’ Kohala local guides, you will be assisted into your kayaks. (Not to worry you will be with experienced locals who will be with you and helping you all throughout your adventure.) From there you will begin a three mile exploration of the much storied 110 year old work of engineering genius, the Kohala Ditch. While leisurely floating along on your journey, your guides will talk story, regaling you with the history of the area, the sugar plantations and the surrounding nature. While you experience this rare opportunity to view and access lush private lands, streams, waterfalls and other natural wonders, the music of the water and the Island wildlife will serenade you all along the way.

“…we’ve been to the Big Island several times, (but) this was a first for us. Highly recommend and you won’t be disappointed.” – William C. on Yelp, April 2016

just alive luau

To dine or not to dine?

Would you like to experience the dances of Polynesia without the crowds and lines of a long buffet? Then the Hawaii Alive Luau show at the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club, offered each Monday evening, might be just what you’re looking for. Arrive early to enjoy a bountiful Hawaiian dinner elegantly plated and served to you in the Marriott Kukui Restaurant. Or, if you would prefer, get there after your own Island dinner plans have concluded and simply sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty and grace of the performers in their vivid and spectacular costumes.

Before making your reservations for Hawaii Alive, consider getting a Shaka Gold Card to take advantage of discounts and special offers.

Should you decide to dine as part of your Luau experience, the prix fixe menu will delight your palate with traditional Kalua Pig, Huli Huli Chicken, Lomi Salmon along with delicious Island accompaniments. Included with dinner is your choice of a Mai Tai, a glass of house wine or a beer. For the keikei (children) in your party, there are ‘Kids Favorites’. They can choose between grilled cheese, cheeseburger, chicken tenders or a Margarita pizza along with a choice of side and a beverage.

After dinner

Perhaps a stroll on beautiful Kalapaki Beach after you dine and before the show begins would be nice. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the ocean breezes, swaying palm trees and perhaps shoot a few pictures with your family and friends before being seated for the fantastic entertainment to come.

And now for the show!

At the appointed time, make your way to Niihau Court at the Marriott Resort, set amidst tiki torches and coconut palms, and find yourself immersed in the Hawaii of yesterday & today by the singers, drummers, musicians and dancers of Hawaiis well respected Punua family. Now in its 53rd year, Hawaii Alive is one of the longest continually running shows on the Islands.

“…the actual hula and other South Pacific dancing…was quite good. The fire dancers were extremely fun to watch. The highlight for several of us were the Tahitian dancers, very fast action and highly skilled performers” – Derbyking98 on Tripadvisor, January 2016

The Luau entertainment includes dances which tell the story of the many Polynesian peoples that migrated across the South Pacific and brought their canoes to rest on Kauai. Kahiko, is the name of the ancient hula, and ‘Oli is the name of the traditional Island chants. From Tahiti come the heart racing dances where talented hips fly so quickly your eyes might cross! And from the Samoan Islands come the sometimes frightening, but always thrilling, traditional Polynesian Fire Dances. During interludes, the fun and energetic narrator will talk story, explaining the origins, meaning and history of the songs and dances being performed for you. You will even have the opportunity to learn a hula yourself!

“..The local folklore is an extra you don’t get with most luaus, I can tell they [the Punua Family] have been dancing for generations.” – James B. on Tripadvisor, August 2015


A cooler and quieter area on the popular island of Maui, Ma’alaea Bay, located on the southeastern shore of the island, is where the breezes make it so comfortable that air-conditioning is often not needed when indoors. The miles long beach is located next to a protected nature preserve and is perfect for that leisurely stroll along the sand while enjoying the tropical beauty of the Bay and watching as boats smoothly putt their way in and out of the harbor. The departure spot for some of the best whale watching, sailing, diving and snorkeling adventures in the world, it is centrally located between between the Kahului Airport and Lahaina Ka’anapali resort areas.

Diving and Snorkeling adventures will transport you to Molokini Islet where its crescent shape protects divers from waves and the channels powerful currents. Experienced scuba divers often dive off the 300-foot sheer outer wall, using the channel currents to carry them along as they explore the undersea world. In the morning, when winds are calmer, smaller tour boats can also bring guests to safely snorkel the back wall of Molokini or to glory in the wild beauty of turtles and dolphins along Maui’s beautiful coastline.

Check out Friendly Charters SNUBA diving. SNUBA is an exploration hybrid of snorkeling and scuba, combining the ease of snorkeling with the ability to breathe underwater like Scuba Diving. It is easy, safe and simple with no diving or snorkeling experience necessary! Checkout everything Friendly Charters has to offer.

Ma’alaea Bay is great for body surfing and surfing when afternoon winds kick up. When a robust south swell hits Maui, surfers from far and near head for Maʻalaea Bay to have a chance to experience the tubular perfection of one of the world’s fastest rideable waves, the legendary Maʻalaea Pipeline. Perhaps you would like to body surf or prepare yourself to catch the “Pipeline”. Maui Waveriders-Kihei offers surfing lessons as well as SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) lessons.

Located just across the road from Ma’alaea Bay and often referred to as the Hawaiian Aquarium, The Maui Ocean Center rivals the National Aquarium in Baltimore as one of the finest underwater displays ever created. A magnificently replicated coral reef ecosystem features the largest collection of live Pacific Corals on the planet. It is also home to a 750,000 gallon open ocean exhibit with a 54 foot observatory tunnel from which you can watch sea turtles and many other native Hawaiian marine species.

If your Hawaiian vacation has you on Maui between mid-December and mid-April, do not miss the opportunity to embark upon a whale watching tour with Trilogy Excursions. Departing from Ma’alaea Harbor on catamarans for only 35 – 40 people, everyone gets a front row seat. Hydrophones are also onboard to give explorers the opportunity to listen to the beautiful song of the magnificent Humpback whales.

Before booking your adventures for Maalaea Bay, consider getting a Shaka Gold Card to take advantage of discounts and special offers.

Kauai Zipline Tours

The First Treetop Zipline Experience on Kauai and the Hawaiian Islands

The Just Live! zipline course is located in a magnificent Norfolk Island Pine forest not far from Poipu and Kapa’a Town that is surrounded by thousands of acres of the picturesque and historic Grove Farm Sugar Plantation and the Halenanahu Reservoir. Picture the stirring views you will have of Mt. Kawaikini (Kauai’s tallest mountain), Mt. Waiale’ale (wettest spot on earth), all the way down to Mt. Kahili and Mt. Kalualea.

Whether you’re vacationing on Kauai or an island local, ziplining is a thrilling activity for the complete beginner or for the advanced adventurer. The mission of Just Live! is to provide unique and eco-friendly adventures that enhance the positive development of each of their guests with safety being priority one.

So what sets this Kauai Zipline apart from the others, you ask?

Just Live! has multiple zipline runs, canopy bridge crossings, a climbing wall, a rappelling tower, a challenge course, a monster swing and much more. (Check out their photo-gallery here.) For group fun or an individual challenge, three different Zipline Tours are offered, each with an increasing level of adventure, physical and mental demand, and most importantly, EXCITEMENT!

If you are looking for your first zipline experience, try out the Wikiwiki Tour. Wikiwiki is Hawaiian for ‘quick’. This short adventure takes approximately 2.5 hours, start to finish, and features three ziplines and two canopy bridges to take in the views.

“…an amazing time with the team at Just Live! Fun and friendly with your safety their #1 priority! Definitely going back next time we are here! Time well spent!”

Marriott Beach Club Group on Tripadvisor, 2016

Maybe you’d like to spend a little longer up in the trees. If so, check out the 3.5 hour Zipline Treetop Tour. You will fly along seven different ziplines and traipse across four separate canopy bridges, giving you hours of tummy tickling thrills and plenty of opportunities for enjoying a birds’ eye view of the magnificent surroundings.

Or perhaps you are a true adrenaline junkie and want to experience a heart pumping climb over the 60’ rock climbing wall, the amazing drop of the Monster Swing and the glorious views while rappelling back down to the earth. If this sounds like you then book the Zipline Eco-Adventure for 4.5 hours of heart pounding thrills.

“… not sure ziplining was for us, but the local expert said [Just Live!] is one of the best (the only one above the treetops)… We had a GREAT time! The entire crew was fantastic and really made the whole experience fun and positive.”

P. Y. H. on Yelp, 2015

Mission Possible

In addition to tours for thrill-seekers, Just live! offers team building packages, outstanding for developing trust within groups as well as building problem solving skills. These challenge adventures are available for companies, schools, or any group that wants to become closer, learn problem solving or simply get to know one another better. Check out the activities below, choose the perfect combination for your group…

  • Ziplines or Zipline Tour
  • Rock Wall Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Monster Swing
  • Low & High Ropes Challenge Course Activities

…or allow the experienced staff at Just Live! to create a custom adventure designed especially for you!!

Auli'i Luau

Kauai’s only oceanfront luau, The Auli’i Luau on Beautiful Poipu Beach, is where the tradewind breezes gently blow and the sunsets are sublime.

Poipu Beach, located on the southern side of the Island of Kauai, has been named America’s best beach by the Travel Channel. It is here, where high rises do not block the prevailing tradewinds’ cooling breezes and the sands are a series of golden crescents, that you will find the tasty and entertaining beach front Auli’i Luau presented for your enjoyment.

Before you make your reservations, however, get the Shaka Gold Card from for only $30.00. Your Shaka Gold Card makes you eligible for discounts from 10-25% on Kauai and throughout the Hawaiian Islands, including savings on the Urahutia Productions’ Auli’i Luau at the newly-refurbished Sheraton Kauai Resort.

What to expect

Mi Nei Oliver-Martins is the multi-talented historian, designer and choreographer behind Urahutia Productions. As Mi Nei explains it, the meaning behind the word
“Urahutia”, for her, is selecting only the finest for royalty. Their guests are the royalty for whom she and her ohana, her family, perform Polynesian dances and other types of entertainment along with the finest dancers and musicians available. Authenticity is the key word for Auli’I Luau. They are committed to sharing the culture, foods and stories that harken to the unspoiled and unhurried days of old Hawaii when the gentle rustle of the coco palm and falling rain were mirrored by the delicate hands of a beautiful hula dancer.


Urahutia Productions’ Auli’i Luau is currently held on Monday and Thursday evenings at the Sheraton Kauai Resort and has two seating options. Whichever you select, you will be greeted with a traditional lei, a variety of pupus, or appetizers, and an assortment of delicious drinks. An open bar is available throughout the evening offering tropical cocktails, beer, wine and assorted non-alcoholic beverages. Dinner is served buffet style and includes Kalua Pig, Lomi Lomi, poi, Hawaiian salads and other unique island specialties.

“The food was delicious and there was a great mix of silly luau traditions and
High quality entertainment.”

Eli W., September 2015 on Yelp

…and a show

The Luau entertainment begins with the story of the many Polynesian peoples migrating across the South Pacific and bringing their canoes to rest on Kauai. The Auli’i Troupe will then present you with the Kahiko, the ancient hula, while the ‘oli, traditional chants, are sung. The singing and the hula come together to tell the story of Pele, the goddess of fire, and her lover, Lohiau, Prince of Kauai.

Hawaii having been a very popular subject of 1950’s Hollywood, the Auli’i Luau wouldn’t be complete without a tip of the hat to the the movies’ version of the Hawaiian Luau. Sit back and enjoy while the troupe performs for you, their take on what the big movie studios had us believing the Hula really was.

With more singing and dancing along the way, the luau concludes with the mesmerizing Sifa Avi, or Samoan Fire Dance.

“It was a beautiful setting, and the show was outstanding.”

Donna S., February 2016 on Tripadvisor


If you are looking to sightsee but don’t want to necessarily drive, fly, peddle or walk, horseback riding is a perfect option.  You’ll to get in touch with that part of you that is a “little bit country” while being out in Maui’s surreal nature. Get in touch with that little cowgirl or cowboy that lives within each of us and add this to your Hawaii Fun things to do list.  “Paniolo” is the Hawaiian name for Cowboy and toward the mountains or “Mauka” is where you’ll find Maui’s ranches. Tucked away in the mountains and valleys of Maui are four companies that will fulfill these needs – companies that each offer you a unique experience and different approach of sightseeing around the island. Each company provides a trail guide and is family owned and operated so no matter which one you choose, it will have a homey, family feel with a personal touch that makes the activities that much more memorable. Glide through Maui’s hidden geographic wonders on a majestic horse and see why Maui is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

West & Central Maui: Ocean Views, Lahaina Town

Lahaina Stables

Located on the West side of Maui in a secluded, remote but totally accessible area, Lahaina Stables is the only company on Maui that provides trail rides through Launiupoko Valley. They offer three types of horseback rides: a Morning Ride, a Lunch Ride, and their romantic and special Sunset Ride. The Morning Ride gives a peek into the history of Hawaii and you will see not only Maui, but Molokai and Lanai as well, which at one time were all connected as one island. The Lunch Ride also gives guests the opportunity to view all three islands and have a quaint lunch next to a fresh water reservoir on site. Their Sunset Ride makes for a spectacular transition from daytime to the coveted warm Maui evenings. No matter the activity you choose, you will feel at home at Lahaina Stables. With breathtaking views and a laid-back energy, Lahaina Stables provides a memorable adventure for the whole family.

Featured – Sunset Ride

If you’re looking for a romantic excursion or just a nice little getaway for the evening, the sunset ride is an excellent way to spend your time. Whether accompanied by friends or family or simply enjoying a quiet evening by yourself, this peaceful ride is great for everyone and is coupled with an unforgettable Maui sunset.

Website:  Call: 808-667-2222 or Toll Free: 888-842-7663

Mendes Ranch

mendes ranch 4

Founded by a multiple generation family that originated in Portugal and came to Maui in the 1800s, Mendes Ranch gives an authentic paniolo experience. The ranch is situated just outside of Wailuku. It is nestled in the north facing side of the West Maui Mountains. Riders have expansive views of the valley, coastline, and the Pacific Ocean. Mendes Ranch offers the Aloha Morning Ride and Aloha Afternoon Ride, where guests travel from the corral down to the edge of the valley to view the ocean. It’s definitely a sight to see. Aside from their popular horseback rides, they also offer two hiking adventures if you’re feeling like trekking the trails yourself. Not only does Mendes Ranch offer hikes and trail rides, both group and private, they also host and provide a prime and picturesque location for weddings, parties and all kinds of other events. Contact them directly if you are interested in booking an event or a combination tour, such as their Horseback – Helicopter excursion.

Featured – Morning Aloha Ride

This guided ride will take you from Mendes Ranch Corral down the valley to take in the ocean view. It is an exceptional experience that is fun for everyone.

Website:   Call: 808-871-5222

Upcountry Maui: Ocean & Mountain Views

Piiholo Ranch

Henry Perrine Baldwin and his family were one of the original missionary families on Maui. His Great Grandson, Peter Baldwin founded Piiholo Ranch. The Baldwin family has resided on Maui since 1835. The ranch is located just outside of the paniolo town of Makawao on the Piiholo summit (peak 2,260 feet). It is only a short 30 minute drive up Haleakala from Kahului.

Piiholo offers four different types of horseback rides: a Two Hour Private Ride, a Three Hour Private Ride with lunch at the Baldwin family cabins, “Cowboy for a Day”, and Private Riding Lessons are also available for both keiki (children) and adults. Aside from the amazing horseback rides, Piiholo Ranch also offers an elite Heli Ranch Experience, which includes roundtrip limo transportation, a helicopter ride with views of Haleakala, Hana Town and the exquisite east Maui waterfalls, snacks at Piiholo’s Private cabins and to top it off a two hour horseback ride. This is definitely a tour that has everything you could want to explore the hidden gems of the island. Whatever activity you choose, Piiholo ensures a fantastic, unique and fun experience for all to enjoy.

Featured – Cowboy for a Day

You’ll be hard-pressed to find many ranches that provide the opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to be a cowboy on a cattle ranch. Including rides through the ranch pastures and physically rounding up the cattle on horseback, this excursion will be both fun and educational; you will definitely have a story to tell to friends and family at home.   Call: 808-270-8750

Pony Express

pony express 2

Pony Express is an established horseback riding tour company on Maui and a part of the largest working cattle ranch on the island, dating back to the late 1800s. Located in upcountry Maui on Haleakala Ranch, this company features two different types of horseback rides for guests to choose from: The Haleakala Ranch Paniolo Ride and the Haleakala Ranch Mauka Ride.

The Paniolo Ride is two hours and allows guests to travel through the expansive pastures with their knowledgeable guide. The Mauka Ride is a bit shorter than the Paniolo Ride and is best for those who are pairing their ride with another activity upcountry, such as visiting the top of Haleakala Crater, having lunch at the Kula Lodge or Ziplining at Pony Express’ neighbor, Skyline Eco-Adventures. At an elevation of 4,000 feet, guests have panoramic views of the island and are in a prime location to view the lush, magnificent land and ocean that make Maui so amazing and this experience even more exceptional.

Featured – Mauka Ranch Horseback Ride

This ride is an hour and a half and enables guests to experience Maui’s beautiful Haleakala Ranch in upcountry Maui while aided with a guide well-versed in riding and Hawaiian culture. It’s an opportunity to have fun and learn more about the island.

Website:   Call: 808-667-2200

All four of these companies participate in Hawaii Fun’s Shaka Gold Card Program and offer savings for members. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to support local businesses, experience Hawaiian culture, and have so much fun doing it!

Visit for more details or Call 808-871-7947 or Toll Free 800-398-9698



ufo parasailing

Look up into the sky above Kailua-Kona any day of the year and you may well see something you aren’t familiar with, something unidentified even. Take a closer look and discover it’s not aliens; it’s grinning humans swaying gleefully as they sail the airwaves high above and behind one of the UFO Parasails gleaming fleet of specially designed crafts. Given 4.8 out of 5 stars by more than eighty Facebook reviewers, UFO Parasail has been giving visitors a bird’s-eye view of the Big Island and Maui for many years.

“This was so much fun I had to do it twice.”

– RnR69 on TripAdvisor, 2016

But wait. Before you book your Parasailing adventure, be sure to get your Shaka Gold Card from for only $30! Your Shaka Gold Card will save you between 10% and 25% at UFO Parasail and many other places throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Green and Safe

Guest safety and a greener environment are top priorities for the entire staff and crew of UFO Parasail. Relax and feel carefree when you board any one of their strong, specially designed vessels. A special winch system and state of the art hull design will provide you with the thrill of a lifetime you need not worry about. They have also taken the initiative to switch to a lower sulfur fuel which provides for much less particulate matter getting into the water. This keeps the water safer and clearer for you and all of the amazing marine life that call Hawaii home.

Heading to Maui but want to fly the skies even more?

Not to worry. UFO Parasails can get you up and soaring above the sparkling white sandy beaches of Ka’anapali on the Island of Maui in no time between Mid-May and Mid-December, Keep those eyes trained below you and you just might see a pod of dolphins frolicking in the shimmering waters.

There’s more!

Whether you are a serious fisherman or a family with children, the Maui Inshore Fishing Experience is just for you. Imagine the thrill of landing one of Hawaii’s big game fish! And the best part is that the captain will clean and fillet your catch, if you wish. You’re on vacation so leave the dirty work to the talented crew of UFO Parasail.

“Captain Jimmy…got us on the tuna w live mini mackerel baits and we never had time to bottom fish . Other big boats around us skunked out and we had Ahi for everyone.”

– James I. on Yelp, 2016

Perhaps you have a special occasion being celebrated, charter an amazing 31’ Premium 12 passenger speed boat. Give UFO Parasail a call 24 hours ahead of time and they can even have food catered for your anniversary, birthday, or just your special private getaway. Remember though, get that Shaka Gold Card from to get the biggest bang for your buck on your custom charter tour of the beautiful waters of Maui.

Sea Quest Hawaii

When visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, dare to experience what the majority of Island visitors do not, touring the South Kona Coast from the perspective of a Sea Quest Raft and Snorkeling tour. Before booking, however, be sure to get a Shaka Gold Card from for only $30! This small expenditure will reap you savings of 10-25% at Sea Quest as well as numerous other spots on the Big Island and throughout Hawaii.

What makes Sea Quest Special?

Besides their fun, skilled, and adventure loving captains and crews, it’s their boats! The four Sea Quest rafts, Sea Quell, Kai Imi, Lilikoi, and Manta Raiv are all rigid hull inflatable rafts designed for just 14 special guests and the crew. Because these vessels are smaller and more narrow, an up-close experience can be provided on their tours in a way that can’t be on larger boats and catamarans. Larger craft just can’t sail directly into many of the caves up and down the South Kona Coast the way the Sea Quest fleet can.

Rise and Shine! The South Kona Coast Adventure is About to Begin.

Expedition South Kona is a 35 mile round-trip, five hour adventure which includes snorkeling in three glorious different locations, viewing sea caves and lava tubes, enjoying both a juicy tropical snack and delicious deli lunch, all the while keeping a close eye peeled for dolphins and rays and whales, oh my!

“Captain Bill and Assistant Kai…were very friendly with great personalities
and a TON of knowledge.”

Ourfamily603 on TripAdvisor, 2016

After Dark with Manta Rays

The Night Manta Experience comes with hot cocoa and cookies, along with all the gear needed to witness this amazing performance. Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime, watching these gentle giants of the sea soar and glide, flashing a full tonsil shot before going into a full barrel roll. It isn’t a bad idea to have a little snorkeling experience under your belt for this one.

“Once at the spot they lay out a surfboard thing with 3 holes with lights that shoot down in the ocean. We had really good luck and for over 20 min strait we had a manta ray shoot up and down and do flips inches from our face.”

Luke B. on Yelp, 2016

Five different tours, all of which are eligible for a discount when you use your Shaka Gold Card from are available. Check out the Snorkeling Tours page for a full description of the tours highlighted above, as well as the Deluxe Morning Adventure, Dolphin Encounter and Captain Cook Express tours.

Interested in something private and customized?

If so, book the Exclusive Catamaran Charter. Designed for a maximum of six people, the captains are devoted to their passengers’ enjoyment. Four glorious hours in the morning will be spent seeing, and doing, precisely what you would like. Or, allow the captain to find the best spots of the day as you simply kick back and enjoy this
personal and intimate adventure.

Dolphin Tours

Hangin’, with Respect

Just off the the Kona coast, on the big island of Hawaii, live some of Earth’s most entertaining, gentle and magnificent creatures. Spinner dolphins, Manta Rays and Humpback whales make their homes either part of the year or full year in the warm Hawaiian waters. With preserving and conserving the environment as the underlying principle of Sunlight on Water, they plan each and every tour with ecotourism principles firmly in mind. According to, ecotourism is “about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. This means that those who implement and participate in ecotourism activities should follow the following ecotourism principles:

  • minimize impact
  • build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts…”

It is with these practices held close to their hearts that Sunlight on Water plans each tour with the aim of protecting these beautiful species and their environment for future generations.

Get the most enjoyment from your vacation investment

Everyone loves getting the most for their money, so before booking your tours, be sure to get your Shaka Gold Card from for only $30! Your investment will bring great rewards as it saves you from 10-25% at Sunlight on Water and many other places throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

The Dolphins

Take a moment to think about what it would be like to truly have no words to describe an experience. For many people, that is what it is like the first time they find themselves swimming alongside a dolphin. Now try to imagine the feeling of being amongst many of these playful creatures. Sunlight on Water has a 99% success rate in locating dolphins each and every time they go out, so you can be assured you will not miss out on this thrill of a lifetime.

“…the highlight was swimming with pods of dolphins and then having a humpback whale cruise by me just a few feet away!”

Claire T. on Yelp, 2016

An Evening with Manta Rays

Why do we go out at night to look for Manta Rays? A good question. It is thought that Manta Rays may be more likely to feed at night because this is when plankton, their natural food, rise up and are easier to reach for these giant butterflies of the sea. Sunlight on Water has special state-of-the-art lights which attract these various planktonic species at night, thus attracting the Mantas. You will be able to view the dance of these graceful creatures as they swim and dive, enjoying their evening meal.

“…the view of the manta rays looping their way up to eat the plankton is truly stunning.”

“…if you’re going on the big island, you need to do this!!! and please book these guys, we don’t get anything out of this, but they were very nice young crew, we enjoyed every minute of it.”

David L. on Yelp, 2015

Humpback Whales in Winter

If you are in the neighborhood in January, February or March, join us for a whale watching tour as Humpback whales calve and frolic with their newborn offspring.

dragon fruit

Just outside of Lahaina, on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, golden pineapple, tasty banana, sweet papaya, sugar cane and exotic passion fruit all come to life at the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm, along with their signature crop, the amazing Dragon Fruit. A USDA-certified organic farm, Maui Dragon Fruit Farm offers walking tours of their various growing fields, tasty samples of their seasonally available fruits and exciting activities for one and all.

“…having our own personal guide to explain about the many fruits of Maui was awesome.”

 – BostonRedSoxFan2004 on TripAdvisor

Get the most enjoyment from your vacation investment

Who doesn’t love to get the biggest bang for their buck? Before booking your tours, be sure to get your Shaka Gold Card from for a mere $30.00. Your investment will reap you great rewards as it saves you from 10-25% at Maui Dragon Fruit Farm and many other places throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Excitement for even the youngest Island visitors

After you have toured the farm and sampled some drippingly delicious fruit, step on over to the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm Zip Line, fashioned for all ages, but keeping little ones, especially, in mind. It is suitable for children as young as five. The Zip Line Package includes four runs, allowing you to practice a time or two and still have runs left to revel in your newfound skill! During the main growing season from July through November, you will have overhead views of Dragon Fruit in their naturally developing states from flower bud to plump, juicy fruit, depending on what time of year you visit.

“I didn’t have a good time, I had a great time!”

– Seven year old daughter of Bethany D. on TripAdvisor 

Time to cool down

Don’t let the adventure stop there, however. The farm boasts an exciting, yet refreshing, Aquaball Adventure. Climb into the giant double walled Aquaball. Your hosts will add a bucket or two of refreshing water, secure you into your vessel and send you on your way. Fun for all ages, kids especially will love testing their strength and coordination as they try to guide and steer their own Aquaball along the specially excavated path. Grown-ups may prefer just rolling along the winding path, taking in the panoramic views of the nearby coastline and the West Maui Mountains in the distance.