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ufo parasailing

Look up into the sky above Kailua-Kona any day of the year and you may well see something you aren’t familiar with, something unidentified even. Take a closer look and discover it’s not aliens; it’s grinning humans swaying gleefully as they sail the airwaves high above and behind one of the UFO Parasails gleaming fleet of specially designed crafts. Given 4.8 out of 5 stars by more than eighty Facebook reviewers, UFO Parasail has been giving visitors a bird’s-eye view of the Big Island and Maui for many years.

“This was so much fun I had to do it twice.”

– RnR69 on TripAdvisor, 2016

But wait. Before you book your Parasailing adventure, be sure to get your Shaka Gold Card from for only $30! Your Shaka Gold Card will save you between 10% and 25% at UFO Parasail and many other places throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Green and Safe

Guest safety and a greener environment are top priorities for the entire staff and crew of UFO Parasail. Relax and feel carefree when you board any one of their strong, specially designed vessels. A special winch system and state of the art hull design will provide you with the thrill of a lifetime you need not worry about. They have also taken the initiative to switch to a lower sulfur fuel which provides for much less particulate matter getting into the water. This keeps the water safer and clearer for you and all of the amazing marine life that call Hawaii home.

Heading to Maui but want to fly the skies even more?

Not to worry. UFO Parasails can get you up and soaring above the sparkling white sandy beaches of Ka’anapali on the Island of Maui in no time between Mid-May and Mid-December, Keep those eyes trained below you and you just might see a pod of dolphins frolicking in the shimmering waters.

There’s more!

Whether you are a serious fisherman or a family with children, the Maui Inshore Fishing Experience is just for you. Imagine the thrill of landing one of Hawaii’s big game fish! And the best part is that the captain will clean and fillet your catch, if you wish. You’re on vacation so leave the dirty work to the talented crew of UFO Parasail.

“Captain Jimmy…got us on the tuna w live mini mackerel baits and we never had time to bottom fish . Other big boats around us skunked out and we had Ahi for everyone.”

– James I. on Yelp, 2016

Perhaps you have a special occasion being celebrated, charter an amazing 31’ Premium 12 passenger speed boat. Give UFO Parasail a call 24 hours ahead of time and they can even have food catered for your anniversary, birthday, or just your special private getaway. Remember though, get that Shaka Gold Card from to get the biggest bang for your buck on your custom charter tour of the beautiful waters of Maui.

Sea Quest Hawaii

When visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, dare to experience what the majority of Island visitors do not, touring the South Kona Coast from the perspective of a Sea Quest Raft and Snorkeling tour. Before booking, however, be sure to get a Shaka Gold Card from for only $30! This small expenditure will reap you savings of 10-25% at Sea Quest as well as numerous other spots on the Big Island and throughout Hawaii.

What makes Sea Quest Special?

Besides their fun, skilled, and adventure loving captains and crews, it’s their boats! The four Sea Quest rafts, Sea Quell, Kai Imi, Lilikoi, and Manta Raiv are all rigid hull inflatable rafts designed for just 14 special guests and the crew. Because these vessels are smaller and more narrow, an up-close experience can be provided on their tours in a way that can’t be on larger boats and catamarans. Larger craft just can’t sail directly into many of the caves up and down the South Kona Coast the way the Sea Quest fleet can.

Rise and Shine! The South Kona Coast Adventure is About to Begin.

Expedition South Kona is a 35 mile round-trip, five hour adventure which includes snorkeling in three glorious different locations, viewing sea caves and lava tubes, enjoying both a juicy tropical snack and delicious deli lunch, all the while keeping a close eye peeled for dolphins and rays and whales, oh my!

“Captain Bill and Assistant Kai…were very friendly with great personalities
and a TON of knowledge.”

Ourfamily603 on TripAdvisor, 2016

After Dark with Manta Rays

The Night Manta Experience comes with hot cocoa and cookies, along with all the gear needed to witness this amazing performance. Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime, watching these gentle giants of the sea soar and glide, flashing a full tonsil shot before going into a full barrel roll. It isn’t a bad idea to have a little snorkeling experience under your belt for this one.

“Once at the spot they lay out a surfboard thing with 3 holes with lights that shoot down in the ocean. We had really good luck and for over 20 min strait we had a manta ray shoot up and down and do flips inches from our face.”

Luke B. on Yelp, 2016

Five different tours, all of which are eligible for a discount when you use your Shaka Gold Card from are available. Check out the Snorkeling Tours page for a full description of the tours highlighted above, as well as the Deluxe Morning Adventure, Dolphin Encounter and Captain Cook Express tours.

Interested in something private and customized?

If so, book the Exclusive Catamaran Charter. Designed for a maximum of six people, the captains are devoted to their passengers’ enjoyment. Four glorious hours in the morning will be spent seeing, and doing, precisely what you would like. Or, allow the captain to find the best spots of the day as you simply kick back and enjoy this
personal and intimate adventure.

Dolphin Tours

Hangin’, with Respect

Just off the the Kona coast, on the big island of Hawaii, live some of Earth’s most entertaining, gentle and magnificent creatures. Spinner dolphins, Manta Rays and Humpback whales make their homes either part of the year or full year in the warm Hawaiian waters. With preserving and conserving the environment as the underlying principle of Sunlight on Water, they plan each and every tour with ecotourism principles firmly in mind. According to, ecotourism is “about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. This means that those who implement and participate in ecotourism activities should follow the following ecotourism principles:

  • minimize impact
  • build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts…”

It is with these practices held close to their hearts that Sunlight on Water plans each tour with the aim of protecting these beautiful species and their environment for future generations.

Get the most enjoyment from your vacation investment

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The Dolphins

Take a moment to think about what it would be like to truly have no words to describe an experience. For many people, that is what it is like the first time they find themselves swimming alongside a dolphin. Now try to imagine the feeling of being amongst many of these playful creatures. Sunlight on Water has a 99% success rate in locating dolphins each and every time they go out, so you can be assured you will not miss out on this thrill of a lifetime.

“…the highlight was swimming with pods of dolphins and then having a humpback whale cruise by me just a few feet away!”

Claire T. on Yelp, 2016

An Evening with Manta Rays

Why do we go out at night to look for Manta Rays? A good question. It is thought that Manta Rays may be more likely to feed at night because this is when plankton, their natural food, rise up and are easier to reach for these giant butterflies of the sea. Sunlight on Water has special state-of-the-art lights which attract these various planktonic species at night, thus attracting the Mantas. You will be able to view the dance of these graceful creatures as they swim and dive, enjoying their evening meal.

“…the view of the manta rays looping their way up to eat the plankton is truly stunning.”

“…if you’re going on the big island, you need to do this!!! and please book these guys, we don’t get anything out of this, but they were very nice young crew, we enjoyed every minute of it.”

David L. on Yelp, 2015

Humpback Whales in Winter

If you are in the neighborhood in January, February or March, join us for a whale watching tour as Humpback whales calve and frolic with their newborn offspring.

dragon fruit

Just outside of Lahaina, on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, golden pineapple, tasty banana, sweet papaya, sugar cane and exotic passion fruit all come to life at the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm, along with their signature crop, the amazing Dragon Fruit. A USDA-certified organic farm, Maui Dragon Fruit Farm offers walking tours of their various growing fields, tasty samples of their seasonally available fruits and exciting activities for one and all.

“…having our own personal guide to explain about the many fruits of Maui was awesome.”

 – BostonRedSoxFan2004 on TripAdvisor

Get the most enjoyment from your vacation investment

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Excitement for even the youngest Island visitors

After you have toured the farm and sampled some drippingly delicious fruit, step on over to the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm Zip Line, fashioned for all ages, but keeping little ones, especially, in mind. It is suitable for children as young as five. The Zip Line Package includes four runs, allowing you to practice a time or two and still have runs left to revel in your newfound skill! During the main growing season from July through November, you will have overhead views of Dragon Fruit in their naturally developing states from flower bud to plump, juicy fruit, depending on what time of year you visit.

“I didn’t have a good time, I had a great time!”

– Seven year old daughter of Bethany D. on TripAdvisor 

Time to cool down

Don’t let the adventure stop there, however. The farm boasts an exciting, yet refreshing, Aquaball Adventure. Climb into the giant double walled Aquaball. Your hosts will add a bucket or two of refreshing water, secure you into your vessel and send you on your way. Fun for all ages, kids especially will love testing their strength and coordination as they try to guide and steer their own Aquaball along the specially excavated path. Grown-ups may prefer just rolling along the winding path, taking in the panoramic views of the nearby coastline and the West Maui Mountains in the distance.


What better way to spend your vacation than to get an inside look into what lies in the depths of one of Maui’s most prevalent physical resources, the Pacific Ocean. The Maui Ocean Center is the perfect place to experience the beautiful fish and other marine life that reside in the ocean surrounding this Hawaiian island. If you’re looking for a way to view Maui’s sea creatures without having to physically set foot in the water, this aquarium gives you that opportunity. From turtles, stingrays and sharks, to a myriad of tropical reef fish and other marine life, the Maui Ocean Center has anything and everything you could want in an aquarium.


Located in Ma’alaea Harbor, the Maui Ocean Center is a convenient, central and worthwhile place to visit, no matter where you are on the island. If you do not want the distraction of driving and would rather focus on the stunning features of Maui, those in south and west Maui can get a shuttle to and from the aquarium for a small fee.


Founded in 1998 by Coral Word International, this facility houses one of the largest collections of live coral in the nation (c. Maui Ocean Center). With over sixty exhibits to explore, both indoor and outdoor, this aquarium provides a comprehensive view of life beyond the land. These exhibits give you an inside look into how Hawaii’s marine life operates, and the history and evolution of the various species. The naturalists, marine biologists and staff practice humane and safe care and housing for the marine life, all in compliance with the Department of Land and Resources. Tours are self-guided unless booked as private in advance, but naturalists put on daily presentations and events to further educate guests about specific sea creatures and their ecosystems. They promote ocean sustainability, safety and preservation for all marine life to continue to survive and thrive. Various exhibits bring focus to ties between the ocean and the cultural significance of Hawaii and the Hawaiian people. The deep-seated relationship between Hawaiians and the ocean is a beautifully celebrated and coveted bond that is featured in multiple facets of this aquarium, solidifying its importance throughout the islands.

FEATURED – Shark Dive

If you’re feeling like doing something out of the ordinary, Shark Dive Maui gives SCUBA certified guests the opportunity to actually dive into the tank and witness these fish without any separation between them. This allows for an experience in a controlled environment where guests can connect with the marine life and do not have to be in open water to do so. Friends and family can share the experience as guests swim with the sharks from the comfort of the exhibit’s viewing area and tunnel.

DINE – For the Foodies

Visiting the array of exhibits can definitely work up an appetite. Dine onsite at Seascape Ma’alaea Restaurant, a Certificate of Excellence recipient from TripAdvisor, and enjoy the ocean view as well as the delicious locally sourced food & tropical cocktails. A great way to start your Maui Ocean Center experience, a quick break before continuing to tour, or a relaxing way to unwind after a fun-filled day, whatever you choose will be enjoyable. If you want to grab a quick bite that’s on-the-go while you continue to explore, the Reef Café is the place for you. With foods like healthy wraps, sandwiches & salads, just to name a few, this is a quick and satisfying stop to reenergize.

NEW – The More You Book The More You Save!

The Maui Ocean Center now offers a package deal for those who want to go on multiple excursions while on island. HawaiiFunFusion gives guests the ability to book a Journey Pass through the Ocean Center website and then select other activities through partnering companies, such as land, boat, and helicopter tours. With this package, the more activities you book the more you save, so you can do more without breaking the bank.

No matter what activities you choose, visiting the Maui Ocean Center is a fantastic experience for both vacationers and locals alike. It provides a fun and exciting adventure into the world of our Pacific Ocean, while educating and reminding guests to be conscientious and caring with the environment and Hawaiian culture.

Visit and to learn more.



Temptation Tours

Temptation Tours is a tour company conducting guided tours to some of the remotest locations in Maui that are still untouched by the influx of tourists. These spots retain their breathtaking beauty, and invite you to be amazed.

What sets Temptation Tours apart is that it uses limousine vans with ultra-luxurious interiors. All of them come loaded with drinks, snacks, information booklets and blankets. There are only 6-8 passengers per limo van, and although the package offered is a ‘guided’ tour, their small number and personal care ensures that you can explore at your own leisure. This is topped by lunches on the beach and the guides have all been certified by the State of Hawaii.

For all your needs

It offers multiple tours, such as the Road to Hana trip series, which itself has variations like a picnic, cave quest, a sky-trek (involving a helicopter ride as well as swimming), and the Ultimate, named so because it is the standard of perfection for both romantics and foodies alike, fully replete with luxury. There is also the Haleakala Sun Trek, which is a helicopter ride at 10,000 feet to the summit of Haleakala, and this is offered at dawn, so that you capture the rays of the morning sun in all its glory. The Haleakala Sunrise tour gets you even more up close and personal, taking you to the rim of the crater.

The Summit Lavender Sojourn enables you to visit the lavender garden overlooking the ocean. A Crater and Rainforest tour, as the name suggests, takes you not only to the crater of Haleakala, Maui’s 10,023-feet volcano, but also rainforests on the island. Ship to Shore Excursions transports you from your cruise liner to Maui to witness its beauty and also gets you back on board safely. A Kapalua Ridge Trek tour takes you to Kapalua, where there is not only a picturesque landscape, but also 360-feet-long suspension bridge that itself is located at a height of 1,600 feet. Temptation Tours is also fully capable of customizing your tip to Maui.

What others say about Temptation Tours

Temptation Tours is the winner of the 2015 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, given only to the Top 10% of all companies worldwide (across all sectors) that earn high ratings from travelers on TripAdvisor. 200 out of 246 reviews on the travel website rank Temptation Tours at the highest level of ‘Excellent’ or five stars out of five, with another 31 rating it ‘Very Good’ or four stars out of five. It is also the highest-ranked limo tour on TripAdvisor’s ‘Tours & Activities in Kahului’. A tourist with mobility issues from San Diego, California, found Temptation Tours to be the best and everyone who has used Temptation Tours have only high words of praise for the tour guides, who are highly knowledgeable about every place on the tour, and also about the fully-equipped limo vans that are used.

Get the same tours for less

By getting yourself a Shaka Gold Membership for just $30, you stand to enjoy discounts that are worth more. It is worth it even if you are a solo traveler, for the discount on a single booking itself returns your small investment in the card’s purchase price. With a group booking, you could find yourself saving hundreds of dollars in the process without compromising on your enjoyment. Visit to learn more.

Haleakala bike company

Haleakala Bike Company is ‘downhill bike company’ in Maui, Hawaii. They take you to places that are at high altitudes and let you cycle your way downhill, experiencing Maui’s beautiful scenery as you go.

One of its offerings is the Sunrise Special Trip, in which you are first taken to the summit of Haleakala, Maui’s 10,023-feet volcano, at dawn to see the sunrise. Mark Twain himself described seeing the sunrise from here as the most sublime spectacle he had ever witnessed in his whole life.

Haleakala itself means ‘House of the Sun’ in Hawaiian. According to legend, it was here that Maui, a demigod, imprisoned the Sun so as to extend the duration of daylight on the island. In summer, daylight can be as long as 13.5 hours.

After enjoying the sunrise, you are taken to a location in the Haleakala National Park from where you can cycle down  to the base from an elevation of some 6,500 feet.

This 25-mile long biking trip also involves about 29 switchbacks through some of the most wondrous scenery in the world. For those who like to wake up with the sun and not before, there is a similar package which starts later at 9 AM. Both these packages involve a two-hour van ride through Haleakala National Park before you are taken to the summit. If you are an avid biker who would rather leave this out, there is a Haleakala Express package where you can do the cycling part alone. The bikes are well-maintained, and there are bikes for all ages.

The slopes aren’t steep, but rather gentle (‘graceful’ is how someone put it), so much that you could cruise down without pedaling, stopping on the way when you see something that captures your imagination. One user called it ‘perfect for lazy bikers’, so it is not like you will have to actually pedal for 25 miles.

Not a biker? The van trip to the summit to see the sunrise can be had alone as well. There is also a day-long van trip for those want to partake of all that Maui has to offer.

Why choose Haleakala Bike Company?

Haleakala Bike Company has earned the 2015 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. This certification is given only to the top ten percent of all companies which have high ratings on TripAdvisor, contributed by those who have used their services. Why this is in no way insignificant is that the assessment is done globally, and spans across all sectors of the travel industry. Out of over 1,100 reviews, 860 of them place Haleakala Bike Company at the highest level of ‘Excellent’, which equates to five stars out of five. Of the remaining, 173 reviews award it four stars out of five.

Haleakala Bike Company’s biking packages are the only biking activities among TripAdvisor’s ‘Seven Things to Do in Haleakala National Park’.

It is already cheaper than other tour companies – but here is a way to get them at even cheaper rates!

A Shaka Gold Membership from, priced at $30, enables you to enjoy discounts ranging from 10-25%. What this means is that you more or less recover your investment with just your first booking, even if it is for a solo traveler. For a group booking, the total cost savings could be hundreds of dollars.

Chief's Luau

Luau tradition’s history

You probably know that a trip to Hawaii is incomplete without experiencing a Hawaiian luau. This traditional feast, whose roots date back to the 19th century, is no longer just an event that locals organize to mark the celebration of birthdays, graduations and good harvest. It also lets visiting touristsget a sneak peak at Hawaii’s fun side. It lets you experience the best of Polynesian culture’s cuisine and entertainment, and you’ll be hoping that it does not come to an end. That’s what most of Chief Luau’s guests say anyway! If you are looking for an interactive and fun luau in Hawaii, then you should certainly give Chief’s Luau a try.

Chief’s Luau overview

Luaus are not difficult to come by when you are in Hawaii, but an epic luau certainly is. To make sure that you get all the bang for your buck and your time as well, you’ll want to pick the best which, for many years now, has been Chief’s Luau. During the event, Chief Sielu, who leads the Luau, takes you through his rich Polynesian heritage along with his family. He’s been touted as one of the island’s funniest Polynesian performers and is sometimes referred to as “The Polynesian Comedian.” When he takes over a luau, there certainly isn’t one dull moment. His popularity and acts with perfect comic timing have garnered him appearances on many shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Late Night Show with David Letterman and The Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno. When the Chief does not have you in splits, he will have you in awe as he entertains the audience with his world-champion level fire-knife dancing skills. Set in at the stunning Sea Life Park in the Makapu’u Meadows with gorgeous ocean and mountain vistas, Chief’s Luau gives you a chance to learn about Hawaiian traditions, enjoy traditional performances and indulge on a mouth-watering spread of popular luau delicacies to make your trip to Hawaii a memorable one!


Chief’s Luau is great for audiences of all ages, whether you’ve come to Hawaii by yourself, with your family or a special someone. Prior to the show, visitors get to try their hand at traditional Hawaiian arts such as weaving palm headdresses and rubbing dry wood to start a fire. Visitors can also get a traditional temporary tattoo or take part in hula dancing lessons. The Chief hosts the show filling you in with interesting details of Polynesian culture with his witty monologue. One moment he’s cracking you up with his jokes, he’s strumming the guitar and singing in the next moment, and scrambling up a coconut tree before you know it! The fire dancing is a highlight of the show, and the graceful dancers and the Chief’s knife-fire dancing skills leave most of the guests transfixed. Don’t hesitate to volunteer when the dancers take to the stage, to join in and pick up a few moves from them!

There are three different seating packages to choose from: The Standard Package seats guests in the standard section (third closest from the stage) and includes an all-you-can-eat Hawaiian luau buffet, shell lei greeting and one adult beverage; the Paradise Package includes seating at the center section of the luau grounds, a Kukui nut let greeting, two adult beverages and is the first section called to the Hawaiian luau buffet; the Royal Package seats guests immediately by the luau stage and includes a fresh flower lei greeting, three adult beverages, table service, and a mini-tour of Sea Life Park’s shark and sea turtle exhibits. Of course, all packages have a fantastic view of the luau stage. Other package add-ons are also available such as round-trip transportation to the luau from Waikiki and Sea Life Park admission packages. For more information, visit

Food and beverages

Food is one of the highlights of any luau. In fact, the term “luau” refers to one of the popular dishes that was served at these celebratory feasts in the 1800’s. Earlier, certain foods were reserved only for Hawaiian royalty and not the common people. In addition, men and women were not allowed to share meals together as per traditional customs in Hawaii. The luau started out as an exception to these traditions, as men and women from all walks of the community got together to celebrate and honor their Gods on special occasions.

At Chief’s Luau, the buffet-style spread features everything from all-time Luau favorites such as Taro rolls and Lomi-Lomi Salmon to native cuisine staples like Poi and Kalua Pork. Accompaniments of island greens such as radish sprouts and mandarin oranges, sweet potatoes and stir-fried vegetables pair well with the mains. You can wash it down with your choice of drink whether it’s tropical fruit punch, Mai Tai, wine or beer.

Tips to make the most of your Hawaiian trip

Savings are never a bad thing, and if you are looking to make some savings on your Hawaiian trip you should have a look at’s Shaka Gold Card membership. Subscribing to the membership could help you save anywhere between 10 to 25 percent on your vacation which can be used for an entire year. The Gold Card would fetch you savings when you make bookings at Chief’s Luau, and offer coverage for up to 4 members on your trip.

Atlantis Submarines

When in Hawaii, you will definitely have some of the “must-dos” in your “to-do” list like visiting the USS Arizona Memorial or enjoying the scenic beauty of the Haleakala Crater. You might also choose to just sit back and relax at Waikiki beach, soaking up Hawaii and enjoying your visit. But if you are looking to make your trip truly memorable, you should explore the great underwater natural expanses of this gorgeous island state: its underwater sea life.

When talking about exploring underwater nature, we mostly think about scuba diving and snorkeling. The former even needs some basic training before you make the dive. But what if we tell you that you can enjoy the beautiful sea life and the gorgeous reefs sitting inside a submarine? Wouldn’t that be a treat? You can take your entire family on this unforgettable journey aboard the Atlantis Submarine, Hawaii’s only submarine tours that’s family friendly where anyone can enjoy the views and thrill of life under the sea without the need to don a scuba suit.

About Atlantis Submarines

For years, the Atlantis submarines have conducted eco-tours exploring the vast richness of life under the sea. Atlantis has been extending its eco-tours to visitors and tourists since 1988 and use environmentally safe submarines that run on batteries, are pollution-free, and navigate very quietly through the waters without disturbing the natural sea life. The submarine takes you 100 feet below the sea surface where you can witness an impressive collection of sea life, schools of fish, coral reefs, and remains of some shipwrecks among many other points of interest.

Atlantis’ submarines have taken the responsibility of planting artificial reefs at the Waikiki and Maui sites to help the natural habitat flourish at these sites, thereby turning barren areas into ones vibrant with life. They also believe that their eco tours give tourists the opportunity to see and appreciate the valuable life under the sea and how important it is to conserve the underwater environment for the protection of the same.

Atlantis also offers sunset dinner cruises on board the Navatek, a one-of-a-kind vessel that is designed to give you the best cruising experience on Hawaii’s waters. The double-hulled design of the Navatek cruise takes you to some of the prime locations of the Hawaiian Islands, like watching the humpback whales during the whale-watching season. A naturalist, onboard the cruise, will give you an insightful commentary about the sea creatures and about their protection and support, something that children onboard take away a lot from.

Oahu Dinner Cruises

One of Atlantis’ specialties is the Oahu dinner cruises onboard the Navatek I which has been described by Forbes magazine as “reinventing the boat.” Enjoy a luxurious dinner cruise aboard the 140-foot hi-tech vessel made using SWATH technology. The cruise offers a scrumptious dinner that includes steaks, whole Maine lobsters and a premium cocktail while you enjoy onboard nightly entertainment. Atlantis believes in delivering the family experience, so if you are traveling with children, they also offer special children’s meal.

Maui Submarine Tour

All aboard the hi-tech 48-seater passenger submarine for the underwater eco tour by Atlantis! Enjoy the underwater scenery, shoals of beautiful fishes and corals at the Maui site while soaking in the experience of sitting in the comfort of an air-conditioned submarine. Featured on TV channels such as National Geographic, these submarine tours are especially fascinating for children who can witness the beauty of sea life beneath Maui’s open waters. The artificial reefs installed by Atlantis at the Maui site is a special attraction that is now featured under the Sub Tour Experience.

Big Island Tour

Let Atlantis submarines take you 100 feet below sea level and experience the views of Kona that you would not have thought of before. Explore the underwater treasures of natural sea life and ship wrecks from close quarters and see treasures hidden even from the local inhabitants of Hawaii. 45 minutes of pure adventure exploring 25 acres of natural coral reef, which is 18,000 years old. You have a variety of packages to select from some which offer you a submarine tour along with a brilliant taste of the Hawaiian life at the Royal Kona Resort or at the King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel. You can also pair your submarine trip with whale watching or snorkeling experiences. Atlantis makes sure it has something for everyone.

Travel tips

If you are traveling to Hawaii, consider getting a Shaka Gold Card membership, which saves you about 10-25 percent on a variety of activities and attractions during your vacation. The membership covers up to four persons and allows you to use printable coupons on your trip. The Gold card also offers discounts for Atlantis’ submarine tour and other available activities.



Tourguide from Discover Hawaii Tours leads a group to a hidden waterfall for a swim

Are you ready to enter a tropical paradise just steps away from your hotel? Looking for a package that understands value for money while giving you the best sights that take you to Heaven? What if it didn’t end in just one location? What if you could tour multiple islands – all while knowing that you are going to receive exclusive care? And it isn’t just you, with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours – Eco-tourism blends caring for the environment with caring for the visitors. Reserve a trip with Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours today, and you are guaranteed a vacation you will never forget.

Catering to the islands of Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai, Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours spares no expense in showcasing the best of Hawaii. With professional tour guides that love their home – you are bound to learn everything you ever wanted to about this tropical paradise. Information, guidance, new perspectives and a life-changing experience await your visit, and all for the fraction of what you expected to pay. With activities that start from around $100, you can book one of thier tour packages and have the time of your life. More expensive packages are available for groups and most of the packages come with added benefits. Looking to have dinner with the freshest and highest quality ingredients? Well look no further – all included with the price of your initial package, choose between the economy, premium or VIP packages and indulge in all the luxuries the Hawaiian paradise has to offer.

Tour Packages

With a wide range of packages exploring all the integral heritage locations of Hawaii, you never know what to expect when you book a trip with Discover Hawaii Tours. And you don’t just get to travel – our specially selected tour guides are ripe with knowledge on all aspects of Hawaiian culture – from Pearl Harbor, to history, its myths and folk tales, its music and lively culture. Immerse yourself in a whole new world you never thought existed and come away feeling replenished and ready for your next trip back!

  • Oahu: From scuba diving to kayaking, meeting the sharks to playing with the dolphins, a lively dinner cruise to a day exploring volcanoes or even Pearl Harbor – you think of it, we have it. Starting at just $99, these trips are designed to be penny pinchers. With a mission to expand knowledge on Hawaiian culture and ways of life, it comes as no surprise that Discover Hawaii Tours brings you the best of the local world. Have you always dreamed of visiting the historic city of Honolulu and stop by Pearl Harbor? At just $39.99 – your dream is cheaper than a new phone! How about spending a day exploring volcanoes and thrilling yourself with a little adrenaline? Opt for the One-Day Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure – at just $399.99! Think you want to keep your distance from the volcano? How about climbing on to a helicopter for the most breathtaking views you will ever find? At just $639.99 – you can give yourself an experience that will stay with you till your dying day. All these and more await the Oahu package, and remember – as long as there’s some place you want to visit, you can rest assured that we have economically viable package waiting just for you.
  • Maui: Ever wanted to meet a turtle? Ever wanted to snorkel? Ever wanted to do them together? At just $95.99 – you can make it happen for yourself! How about a wonderful dinner cruise along the Maui river? Pay just $109.99 and get ready for the most romantic evening – food included of course! Feast on local specialties made from the highest quality ingredients. Are you a history buff? How about a tour of the battleships left behind from World War II? Pay $399.99, and get ready for an experience in time travel! All this and plenty more away you with Discover Hawaii Tours.
  • Big Island: Eco Tours are what make Hawaiian tourism sustainable, adventurous and interesting while preserving the best of nature. Get ready to meet the Manta Rays and learn all about their life and habitats at just $129.99. The most active volcano in the world is also at Big Island – and for all you thrill seekers, geologists and life explorers, Discover Hawaii Tours has a package at just $279.99. Get ready to fly over sights that you have never seen before! And all of that, for just a fraction of what you would have dreamed to pay.
  • Kauai: Welcome to the oldest island in Hawaii – untouched and full of life, just waiting for you to come visit. Discover Hawaii Tours presents everything from a trip to the Waimea Canyon ($119.99) to a zip-lining adventure designed to tone you up ($115.99) to a sightseeing cruise complete with dinner at Napali ($145.99). With Discover Hawaii Tours, you are always paying the right amount for the best experience of your life.

With these and many many more tours available for your sight-seeing pleasure, visit us once, visit us twice, and we guarantee that you will keep wanting to come back.

Money Saving Ideas:

There are numerous websites out there that will give you a discount of up to 10% for some of Discover Hawaii Tours’ activities, but none will give you as much as 25% off per person as’s Shaka Gold Card. Recommended by Frommer’s Travel Guides, the Shaka Gold Card only costs $30.00 and offers numerous discounts and savings on a variety of attractions and activities.