It’s one thing to look across Maui from Haleakala; it’s another thing altogether to look at Maui’s hidden treasures from a helicopter. Especially when the tour is guided by the professionals at Sunshine Helicopters.

With over 90% of our state only visible from a helicopter, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s definitely on most people’s bucket list when they come to our islands.

Fortunately, Sunshine Helicopters offers helicopter tours and sightseeing tours of Maui, Molokai, Hawaii Big Island, Kauai, and Oahu!

A Quick History

Owners Ross and Anna Scott came to Maui somewhat on a whim. It had always been a dream of theirs to live in this tropical paradise. After purchasing their first two helicopters in 1985, they have been flourishing ever since. “We came here on vacation many times. And even though we live here now, we’re still on vacation,” says Ross.

They still see the islands from the point of view of a visitor and with 30 years of experience, they continue to be the best way for visitors or locals to experience all the gorgeous landscapes around Hawaii.


Sunshine Helicopters has three tours to choose from on the island of Maui. Not too sure you want to drive the “Road to Hana”? Then, take the Hana/ Haleakala Special Tour and enjoy the flying over untouched and uncharted territory with ease. On the way to Hana, you will also see the full expanse of Haleakala National Park, including the view of the crater itself. Bonus: you save that long drive up to the summit.

You certainly won’t want to miss the bird’s eye view of the Hana rainforest. Following Maui’s northern coast, this 180-square mile area is largest tropical rainforest in our nation. Famous Old Hana Town is also part of your tour, along with the taro fields of Ke’anae, and the fabulous coastline waterfalls. If it’s whale season, that’s icing on the cake! Seeing whales from above is truly magnificent!

Other tours leaving Maui’s heliport are just as exciting. The Molokai Deluxe Tour will show off the Jurassic Park scenery and the tallest sea cliffs in the world.  The Circle Island Deluxe Tour is the full tour of the Island of Maui, and many considered it to be the best of the best. It’s how to experience all that Maui has to offer while soaring in total luxury. Each tour is about an hour long, but the memories will last a lifetime!

big-island-helicopter-tour-with-sunshine-helicopters-5Big Island

If you are visiting the Big Island, the Big Island Volcano Deluxe should be on your list. At the time of this writing, there are extremely active flows from the Big Island’s active volcano, Kilauea. Get daily reports from the Hawaii Volcano Observatory‘s Website. To see this raw red hot lava meandering to the sea is as though you are viewing an alien planet. This once in a lifetime opportunity takes you through the unique Kohala Mountains and the tropical Hamakua Forest. Sunshine Helicopters will take you through the 11 out of 13 different climates the Big Island has to offer.

This once in a lifetime opportunity also takes you through the unique Kohala Mountains and the tropical Hamakua Forest. Sunshine Helicopters will take you through the 11 out of 13 different climates the Big Island has to offer.

Whatever Island you are visiting, a day trip to the Big Island to the take a Sunshine Helicopter Tour of the lava flow might be worth considering. The heavy lava flow activity at this time is amazing.

You can even arrange them to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. Just be sure that the weather is cooperating! Great weather on one island might not mean great weather on the Big Island.


Ahh…The lovely Garden Isle! This is the “rainy” island where “kilihune” – the fine light rains – keep the island green and luscious. Tour from coast-to-coast with Sunshine Helicopters’ two spectacular tours. The Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour and the Princeville Adventure Tour. Each includes sights across the island of Kauai you will never experience by car or even hiking.

The Ulitmate Kauai Adventure Tour lives up to its name. Soar over the “Grand Canyon of the South Pacific,” the Waimea Canyon. See the rugged and gorgeous Na Pali coastline. And the view of the weathered lush green tropical Mount Waialeale – one of the wettest spots on Earth.

Whichever island you are visiting, including Oahu where there are several tours to choose from, be sure to book before you arrive. Sunshine Helicopter Tours, with its state-of-the-art luxury and exceptional amenities for all passengers. That, plus their deep history on the island, means they book up fast.

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